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This page contains the details of Change Proposal (CP) processing in the ITI domain for the 2017-18 publication cycle.

The ITI Change Proposal process follows the general IHE CP process described on the Change Proposal process page. The following sections give more detail on the process for folks involved in the CP process in the ITI domain.

The ITI-specific CP Process

The following text explains what the process used by the ITI technical committee in processing submitted CPs. It is consistent with the general IHE CP process and is informative only.

  1. Write a change proposal. Here is IHE's Change Proposal Template
  2. Submit into the Incoming directory. This is typically done by directly updating the directory if you have access; otherwise send it an email to the ITI Technical Committee members in charge of CPs (currently Lynn Felhofer).
  3. The new CPs are considered by the committee at periodic CP review calls. If CP is accepted it is given a CP #, assigned an editor, renamed to CP-ITI-xxx-00.doc and placed in Assigned. If CP is rejected it is moved to Rejected and submitter is informed of explanation for rejection. Likely reasons for rejection are: duplicate, merged, withdrawn or not enough information to understand the request. Rejected CPs can be resubmitted with more information for reconsideration.
  4. Committee works with editor to draft the CP. Versions are kept in Assigned directory and numbered -00, -01, -02, etc.
  5. Committee decides CP is ready for ballot. Latest version of CP is moved to Completed diretory and old versions are moved to old_versions.
  6. Co-chair collects Completed CPs into a ballot. The Ballot directory will be used for this.
  7. Ballot is released to the general community for voting for 4 weeks
  8. Votes and comments are collected. All yes votes means the CP passed ballot and moved to FinalText. No votes are resolved by the committee. Sometimes CP is withdrawn, sometimes NO voter changes to yes vote after explanations. CP may be updated in this process. If updates are insignificant (clarification only) the CP is considered passed. If updates are significant the CP is submitted for another ballot.
  9. CP approved in ballot are put in FinalText and scheduled to be integrated into the Technical Framework or Supplement.
  10. CP status and ballots are tracked here

Change Proposal pages from previous years

Ongoing work on CPs is placed on the current year CP page. Prior years work can be accessed at:

ITI CP Tracking

Location of CPs

All Change Proposal management is done on the IHE ftp site here.

As CPs are processed through various statuses they move from one directory to another. The directories involved are:

contains CPs which have been submitted but have not been assigned a CP number or an editor. This is the place that new incoming CPs are placed prior to the first stage of processing by the committee.
contains CPs that have been assigned an editor and are being actively worked on by the committee, i.e. Assigned status
contains the last version of a CP that is in Completed status. Its contents are approved by the Technical Committee and the CP is waiting to be put in a ballot.
contains the last version of a CP that is in FinalText status. It is has been approved by ballot and is waiting to be integrated into the TF in the upcoming publication cycle.
contains the version of the CP that was integrated into the TF, organized by year.
CPs that have been submitted but rejected by the committee
contains CPs that were once assigned but have been cancelled, i.e. Cancelled status
contains Ballots that have been released for voting by the general community, organized by year.

CP status

ITI tracks status of its Change Proposals in this google doc: The Active CPs tab contains those that are Assigned, Completed, or Final Text in this cycle. There are also archive tabs for prior years.

Approved CPs integrated into the ITI Technical Framework

CPs that have passed ballot in since 2015, and that have been, or will be, integrated into the ITI Technical Framework are listed on the "Approved CPs" tab of the tracking spreadsheet.

CPs that have already been integrated into the Technical Framework are stored here:

In Aug 2018, CPs will be integrated & checked following this process : ITI CP Integration Process


Ballot 43

Out for ballot: Jun 30 - Aug 1, 2017. Comments/votes resolved on the Aug 3, 2017 CP review call.

Ballot 43 CPs are here:

Comments, votes & resolution are here

CPs approved in this ballot are Final Text and are stored here until they are incorporated in 2018:

CP-ITI Title Ballot Result
902-03 DSG conformity with ISO 17090-4 Approved w/ updates
974-04 TLS Version in ATNA Approved w/ updates
989-06 Clarify Required Query Parameter Error Codes Approved w/ updates
1041-00 APPC - Fix ReferenceIdList Example Approved
1042-01 APPC – Updates for Provider attributes Approved w/ updates
1046-01 Missing prefix in namespace Approved w/ updates
1048-02 DSG Content Consumer guidance on extra signatures Approved w/ updates
1053-01 Clarify location of document sharing metadata rqmts for BPPC and XDS-SD Approved w/ updates
1055-00 XDS-MU: Missing OnDemand column in Metadata Optionality table Approved

Ballot 44

Out for ballot: Aug 10 - Sep 11, 2017. Comments/votes resolved on the Sep 14, 2017 CP review call. Notes are here

Ballot 44 CPs are here:

Comments, votes & resolution are here

CPs approved in this ballot are Final Text and are stored here until they are incorporated in 2018:

CP-ITI Title Ballot Result
795-01 Fix ITI-44 text to match the schema Approved
917-02 Clarify use of Coding Scheme in metadata Approved w/ updates
976-02 Fix Folder.codeList example Approved w/ updates
977-02 XTN datatype clarification for phone number Approved w/ updates
985-13 Relationship Association Target in SubmissionSet Approved w/ updates
994-01 Update to DocumentEntry.uniqueId description Approved w/ updates
995-02 Align entryUUID descriptions Approved
1026-07 ITI-18 cleanup Approved w/ updates
1057-01 Fix coded values in XDS author role and specialty Approved w/ updates
1058-03 ATNA Audit Message Optionality Definitions Approved w/ updates
1061-02 ITI-18: Correct Queries for "AvailabilityStatus" Attribute Approved w/ updates
1065-00 Fix CXi example for Referral Approved
1066-00 XUA definitions of urn from XSPA Approved
1067-00 Small fix to ITI-54 audit message Approved
1068-00 Small fix to ITI-86 audit message Approved

Ballot 45

Out for ballot: Nov 6 - Dec 5, 2017.

Comments/votes were resolved on the Dec 7, 2017 CP review call.

Ballot 45 CPs are here:

Comments, votes & resolution are here

CPs approved in this ballot are Final Text and are stored here until they are incorporated in 2018:

CP-ITI Title Ballot Result
720-08 Clarify Replacement for addendum and transformation docs Approved w/ updates
1019-03 Clarify Repository action required on duplicate uniqueId Approved
1050-03 Appendix B Cleanup Approved w/ updates
1060-05 Need Null Flavor for FormatCode Approved w/ changes. Note: The Vol 3 changes are Final Text. DEN changes moved to CP 1087
1073-02 Clean-up Volume 3 - Section Document Relationships Cancelled as redundant with CP 985 approved in Ballot 44.
1074-01 Remove redundant Association Documentation Text from Sub-sections Approved w/ updates
1075-03 Update description of DocumentEntry.URI in Vol 3 Approved w/ updates
1078-00 Small fix to cover and FMM warning in the PIXm Supplement Approved
1082-00 HPD: Remove constraint on hcSpecialisation format NOT APPROVED; reassiged to Tarik for add'l work
1083-00 Correct GetAll Query Text Formatting Approved
1084-00 Remove out of date text from Appendix G Approved

Ballot 46

Out for ballot: March 12 - April 9, 2018

Comments/votes will be resolved on April 12, 2018

Ballot 46 CPs are here:

Comments, votes & resolution are here.

CPs approved in this ballot are Final Text and are stored here until they are incorporated in 2018:

CP-ITI Title Ballot Result
458-06 Multi-Document Retrieve Approved
749-12 Structure of the ZBE segment (PAM profile) Approved w/ updates
1069-09 Clarify what an author is Approved w/ updates
1082-02 HPD: Remove constraint on hcSpecialisation format Approved w/ updates; Tarik will update
1088-00 BPPC fix - Content created by Consumer Approved
1090-02 SeR Consistency on XACML attributes with APPC and XUA Approved w/ update to rationale & CP title
1092-01 mCSD: Clearer specification of XML vs JSON for Consumer & Supplier actor Approved w/ update
1106-02 Fix Identifiers in HPD Audit messages Approved w/ updates

Ballot 47

Out for ballot: April 16 - May 15, 2018

Comments/votes were resolved on May 17, 2018

Ballot 47 CPs are here:

Comments, votes & resolution are here.

CPs approved in this ballot are Final Text and are stored here until they are incorporated in 2018:

CP-ITI Title Ballot Result
709-00 Accounting of Disclosures audit message Approved w/ updates
808-09 Inconsistent Definition of uniqueId Approved w/ updates
845-04 FormatCode format, validation, and value-set clarification Approved w/ updates
992-02 DEN and XDM Approved
1038-02 Confusing use of double quotes in specifying UserName for ITI-40 (XUA) audit message Approved w/ updates
1076-03 Clarifications and extension on sourcePatientInfo Approved w/ updates pending Elliot Silver's review of resolution of his comments
1079-03 Small fixes to tables in MHD Vol 3 Approved
1093-01 XDSUnknownPatientId error should be allowed in ITI-18 NOT Approved; back to assigned
1097-01 PIXm – case 3 is a patient id failure, not domain Approved
1103-02 DSG – fix classCode specification in Vol 3 Approved
1108-08 Allow MPQ queries that specify one or more Patient IDs to OPTIONALLY specify codes Approved w/ updates
1111-00 mimeType and formatCode Approved
1117-02 HPD: Message Semantics Provider Feed Response: Allow result codes other than 0 Approved
1120-01 MHD: DocumentManifest.identifier (entryUUID) should be optional Approved
1121-02 Remove Content-Type HTTP header Approved w/ update

Assigned CPs

For a list of CPs that are currently assigned see the 'Active CPs' tab in the CP status google doc.

Assigned CPs are stored here:

Strategies for smarter CP processing (from Jul-17 F2F)

Last year, we had more CPs that needed a lot of rework after ballot:

  • There is not enough review prior to ballot
  • Perhaps too much effort on specificity vs remaining silent
  • Look for opportunities to suggest that a small subset take a time-consuming or editorial problem offline and come back to the group with an updated change.

Gateway questions prior to accepting a CP (or finishing work on an existing CP):

  • Is solving the problem necessary for interoperability?
  • Has an implementer reported this problem, or should they, or is this theoretical?
  • Is the text inconsistent? If so, are we over-specifying, i.e. can we delete the inconsistency?
  • Strongly suggest that a submitter propose a solution.
  • Is this a problem that needs to be fixed?

Upcoming CP discussions

ITI CP review calls are typically held every Thursday from 10-11am Central US. Additional sessions may be scheduled during ITI Tech F2F meetings. Changes to the 'traditional' schedule for CP calls are announced on the ititech email list.

The Google Doc used to gather availability of ITI Tech Members and the focus of future CP calls is here.

Agenda and Minutes from past CP calls

See: ITI CPs 2017-18-Agenda and Minutes from past CP calls

Future CP prevention work

Exploring a new approach to audit message specification