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IHE offers opportunities for health IT stakeholders to participate and resources to help them benefit from the work of IHE. The links below provide access to information that developers, implementers and users of HIT systems and other interested parties can use to get involved and take full advantage of what IHE offers.

Use IHE to Purchase and Integrate Products

  1. Learn about the IHE Profiles
  2. Attend an IHE Session or Demonstration
  3. Review the IHE User Guides and Whitepapers
  4. Choose IHE Profiles that address your needs
  5. Put IHE language into your RFP

Implement IHE Profiles in a Product

  1. Take part in an IHE presentation or workshop
  2. Choose IHE Profiles relevant to your product
  3. Implement the Profiles according to the Technical Framework for the relevant Domain
  4. Review the Implementation Guidelines for helpful tips

Test an IHE Conformant Product

  1. Attend an IHE Implementor Workshop
  2. Register for an upcoming Connectathon

Market an IHE Conformant Product

  1. Prepare an IHE Integration Statement
  2. Participate in an IHE Demonstration

Deploy an EHR or Health Information Exchange

  1. Browse the experiences of other Deployment Projects

Join an IHE Committee

  1. Subscribe to the committee mailing list
  2. Become a member organization of IHE International
  3. Contact the Secretary of the relevant Domain or Deployment Committee or
  4. Read this brief description of the roles and responsibilities of an IHE domain committee member

Start a new IHE Domain

  1. Discuss the idea with the Co-chairs of other Domains
  2. Review the procedures and governance requirements
  3. Review the form used to request the creation of a new domain to the Domain Coordination Committee and the IHE International Board

Start a new IHE National Initiative

  1. Discuss the idea with the Cochairs of other National Initiatives
  2. Review the procedures and "political pre-requisites"

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