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Planning Committee 2020 Work

Governance, voting procedure and co-chair role

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Meeting Participation

In order to participate in meetings, you must first be a delegate of an approved IHE member organization that has paid the membership dues. Membership is granted only to “organizations” and each member names delegates to participate in various domain committees that have paid the membership dues. Please check the membership list to ensure your organization is a bona fide member of IHE. If not, then you can apply for membership (it’s free) using this webpage.

Eligibility to Vote

Any IHE member organization is entitled to send a delegate to attend a meeting. However in order to vote, the member (organization) must have earned (and maintained) voting privileges prior to the designated meeting and be a paid IHE International member. The rules around voting privileges are articulated on the IHE website, but summarized below.

  • There is one vote per IHE Member organization
  • quoted from IHE Governance Document
    • A new Member Organization shall be entitled to vote and count towards a quorum of each committee it has joined, upon attendance by a designated Representative beginning at the second committee meeting after the Member Organization joined
    • A Member Organization that is not present at three consecutive meetings at which votes are taken is considered lapsed and forfeits the privilege of voting on any Committee matter.
    • A lapsed Member Organization shall have its voting privilege restored upon and at the attendance of one or more of its Representatives at two successive committee meetings, and that Member Organization will be allowed to vote at that second successive meeting.
  • Abstain by email For purpose of maintaining voting rights for members unable to attend meetings, it is possible to submit an "abstain" email vote to the secretary and both co-chairs prior to the beginning of the meeting. Any vote received after the beginning of the meeting will be discarded (i.e. an "abstain" email vote received on the second day of a one week meeting will not count for maintaining voting rights)


The Roster is maintained by the Secretariat for IHE IT Infrastructure. If you would like to suggest changes or corrections to the roster, please contact the ITI Secretariat

Co-chair role

The ITI planning co-chair role page provides the role and activities of the ITI planning co-chairs.


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