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The ITI Planning Committee will provide Educational Material made available to the public. The first phase of this work will focus on preparing slide decks on important topics. Future work will include recording webinars presenting the slides and additional topics of interest.

Audience for Material

The goal of the material is to connect the dots between the problem and the solution defined by ITI profiles. It is geared to an audience which is familiar with healthcare interoperability problems in general but is not familiar with the way IHE addresses problems or the specific profiles provided by ITI.

Current Published Content

See Current Published ITI Educational Materials for completed content.

Potential Additions to be considered in future

The following is a list of things that are not yet covered and will be considered for future work:

  • XAD-PID in either XDS or the patient id one
  • Mobile/REST specific materials

2013-2014 Activities

  • XDW continuation: Complete work begun in prior year - Mauro
  • consent management statewide in texas - Eric
  • XDS Metadata Update supplement educational Materials - Manuel to start April 2014
  • On-demand Educational materials related to XDS & XCA - Karen
  • Enhance introductory charts to include an overview to the other chart decks - Mike
  • CSD educational material - Carl
  • Update S&P Part 1 to reflect XUA++ and IUA - John

2012-2013 Activities

  • XDW continuation: Suggestion to add a second higher level presentation which is use case oriented and shows the beginning of work flow definitions along with business objectives. - Claudio
  • Add DEN to Security/Privacy charts - John: Complete
  • Add educational session on designing metadata for DS*, including examples. - Charles
  • consent management statewide in texas - Eric
  • updated xds,xca, xdr/xdm charts with White Paper 3-1 Figure - Karen: Complete

2011-2012 Activities

  • XDW educational slides - complete
  • Security & Privacy charts need DEN added - assigned to John M.
  • XDR/XDM charts need reference to metadata-limited and encrypted email enhancements - complete

2010-2011 Activities

Topics and Assignment of Educational Material

Topic Owner Status Current Version
Introduction to IHE (what is a profile, guide to navigating the documentation, etc.) Mike N. Complete See Current Published ITI Educational Materials
Publication & discover HIE : XDS, DSUB Ilia F. Complete See Current Published ITI Educational Materials
Point to point HIE : XDM, XDR Chris K. Complete See Current Published ITI Educational Materials
Cross-community, XCA, XCPD Karen W. Complete See Current Published ITI Educational Materials
Security & Privacy : CT, ATNA, EUA, XUA, DSG, BPPC John M. Complete See Current Published ITI Educational Materials
Patient Identity Mgmt: PIX, PDQ, PAM, XCPD, PIX/PDQ HL7 v3 Eric H. Complete See Current Published ITI Educational Materials
Provider Identity Mgmt: HPD, PWP Eric H. Complete See Current Published ITI Educational Materials
Cross-Enterprise Document Workflow: XDW Luca Z., Arianna C. Complete See Current Published ITI Educational Materials

Draft Content

Content to be reviewed is stored on the ftp site: EducationalMaterials

Outline for Content

  • Outline of presentation
  • Introduction - introduction to the set of profiles and why they are being grouped together
  • Profile X
    • Introduction - introduce this particular profile
    • Problem Statements - describe the problems that drove the development of this profile
    • Transaction diagram - show the ITI TF Vol. 1 diagram
    • Actors/transactions introduced - briefly describe all actors and transactions used... generally 1-4 sentences each
    • Options - list the options for this profile and describe briefly
    • Workflow picture - show a typical or common flow of work that would use this profiles
    • Standards Used
    • Security/Privacy - describe how security and privacy is addressed in the profile.. typically this references profiles like ATNA, XUA.
    • References - list the places in the ITI TF that are important for this profile. Include things like appendix, Vol. 3 material etc. Make sure every section relevant to the profile is listed as a reference.
  • Profile Y
    • etc...
  • Conclusion - show how the profiles might interact in a larger workflow, if appropriate


October 12, 2011

As part of the ITI Planning face-to-face meeting this topic was discussed with the following decisions:

  • Educational presentation content and webinars: Yearly assessment of status and updates needed
    • XDW educational slides - Claudio and team will develop
    • Security & Privacy charts need DEN added - John assigned to do this
    • XDR/XDM charts need reference to metadata-limited and encrypted email enhancements - did encryption enhancement in the meeting, Karen to update for metadata-limited and supply to Chris for webinar scheduled for next week.
    • Patient & Provider charts still not complete and now need XPID content integrated.

April 18, 2011

  • Consistency and Format
    • common final chart
      • common final chart designed and distributed within the Cross-Community chart deck
    • concern of number of slides
      • actual concern more about how long the webinar will be. use of chart decks in other environment can taylor the decks, by removing content not needed or talking fast. Reviewing those nearly complete and with representatives on the call:
        • Security & Privacy - can be broke into two sessions each 45 minutes + time for questions
        • Cross-Community - should take about 45 minutes + time for questions
        • Patient Identity Mgmt - expected to take longer than an hour. When charts are complete need to consider how to shorten
    • how to distribute
    • webinar recordings
      • Will be scheduled once chart decks are complete
  • Patient Identity Mgmt
    • Reviewed and detailed feedback received
    • Next version out for email review
  • Agreed that no further calls on this subject are needed

April 4, 2011

  • Security & Privacy
  • Patient Identity Mgmt
    • Lack of time - deferred til April 18 12-2 central time
  • Consistency and Format
    • avoidance of need for year-to-year changes (references chart has date&version of latest supplement)
      • Agreed to remove references to Supplement years. Decks should only need revision when:
        • Significant change is made to the profile/subject
        • Move from TI to FT
    • common template
      • Agreed to use template currently used in the cross-community charts. Others should adopt this template.
      • Title chart should have the name of the committee "IT Infrastructure Planning Committee" followed by the author and organization of author. Cross-community charts to be distributed as example.
      • Footer to be as currently used in cross-community charts, with slide # in right corner and IHE logo in middle.
    • divider/section header charts
      • Divider charts to have a) major title - acronym of profile if appropriate b) minor title - long name of profile if appropriate. a) is of larger font than b). Cross-community charts to be distributed as example.
    • common final chart
      • TBD - lack of time
    • concern of number of slides
      • TBD - lack of time
    • how to distribute
      • TBD - lack of time
    • webinar recordings
      • TBD - lack of time

March 21, 2011

  • Introduction and Publish/Subscribe out for email review due 3/28
  • Patient Identity Mgmt
    • reviewed updated draft with minor feedback
    • complete draft for review April 4, 2011
  • Cross-Community
    • reviewed complete draft with significant feedback
    • next draft for email review

March 7, 2011

  • Publication & Discovery
    • Reviewed [version] from Charles Parisot including his suggested changes.
    • XDS Document Content Types - input from Charles to be added
    • Add references
    • Review for email feedback
  • Security & Privacy: Reviewed IHE-Security-Privacy-20110306.pptx
    • Several suggestions for improvement
    • Have second review in April
  • General status:
    • Introduction - Mike agreed to release for email review in March
    • Provider - Eric agreed to release for email review in March
    • Patient - Eric making progress, will be ready at the next call
  • General:
    • Final references chart needed, should include link to IHE product registry
    • Suggestion of using section breaks as done in the publication/discovery presentation. Need to consider within overal structure.

January 24, 2011

  • Provider Directory - Eric
  • XDR/XDM Point to point push
  • Publication & Discovery - Ilia
  • cross-community
    • defered due to time contraints
  • Patient Identity Mgmt - Eric
    • Schedule time to have a followup review
  • Security & Privacy - John
    • Schedule time for review
  • Introduction
    • waiting for Mike to send for email review
  • Scheduled followon call at March 7 12-2 central
    • Publication & Discovery
    • Cross-Community
    • Patient Identity Mgmt
    • Security & Privacy

January 10, 2011

  • Introduction - Mike
    • Feedback discused, updates made, email review of the rest of the changes
  • Publication & Discovery - Ilia
    • Feedback discussed, suggested more content
    • DSUB content needed - Vassil/Karen to send to Ilia charts on this
    • Schedule a second review on the Jan. 24 call
  • Provider Directory - Eric
    • No link to content reviewed available
    • Feedback discussed
    • Next step discusson on the Jan. 24 call
  • Patient Identity Mgmt - Eric - deferred for January 24 tcon

December 20, 2010


  • IHE-Patient-Identity-Mgmt-Overview-v001.pptx
  • IHE-Provider-Mgmt-Overview-v001.pptx
  • Agreed to re-assign Publication & discovery from Charles P. to Ilia Fortunov.
  • Scheduled two new calls: 1/10 11-1 CT and 1/24 11-1 CT. 1/10 Plan to discuss Publication & Discovery from Ilia and updated patient & provider charts from Eric. 1/24 Plan to discuss pt-to-pt from Chris and cross-community from Karen. Review of the introduction and security & privacy will be decided by John M. who could not make this call.

December 13, 2010


December 6, 2010


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