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Rosetta Terminology Mapping [RTM] Ventilator Task Group

In mapping ventilator / respiratory related terms for the IHE PCD RTM profile, quite a few gaps were identified. To address this issue, a task group was formed within the RTM profile group to address these needs and come up with proposals for how they should be addressed. This includes

  • Establishing a more comprehensive framework or paradigm for representing ventilator operational modes
  • Defining a mechanism for representing breath-to-breath annotations
  • Proposing new terms & formal defintions for the remaining "gaps"

Once this analysis is complete and proposals completed, they shall be forwarded to the appropriate SDOs for further action.

Basic RTM information is located on the main RTM page.

Ventilator Task Group Participants

Organization Participant
Breakthrough Solutions Foundry Todd Cooper (todd@DO11073.com) - Co-Chair, IHE PCD Technical Committee
Capsule Tech Neil Henry (Neilh@capsuletech.com)
Cardinal/VIASYS Mark Berryhill (Mark.Berryhill@viasyshc.com), Pete Goulding (Pete.Goulding@viasyshc.com), Joel Halle (Joel.Halle@viasyshc.com), Mark Rogers (MRogers@viasyshc.com)
Cleveland Clinic Rob Chatburn (CHATBUR@ccf.org)
Draeger Dieter Weismann (Dieter.Weismann@draeger.com)
Duke UMC Neil MacIntyre (macin001@mc.duke.edu)
IOTA Terri Monk (terri.monk@duke.edu), Andrew Norton (andrew.norton@tiscali.co.uk)
GE Healthcare Robert Flanders (Robert.Flanders@med.ge.com), Ken Marks (Kenneth.Marks@med.ge.com), Paul Schluter (Paul.Schluter@med.ge.com)
Improvement Technologies, LLC Manny Furst (efurst@imp-tech.com) - IHE PCD Technical Project Manager
Intensive Care Society (U.K.) Tim Gould (thgould@doctors.org.uk), Peter MacNaughton (peter.macnaughton@phnt.swest.nhs.uk)
ISO TC121/SC4 Steven Dain (sdain@rogers.com), Norman Jones (nsjones@lineone.net)
Newport Medical Cyndy Miller (cmiller@nmitkb.com)
Philips Healthcare John Rhoads (John.Rhoads@Philips.com), Jan Wittenber (Jan.Wittenber@Philips.com)
Philips / Respironics Richard Roa (Richard.Roa@respironics.com)

List server: To send a message to the task group e-mail ihe-pcd-rtm-vent@googlegroups.com

Ventilator Task Group Meetings

2009 WebEx Sessions

  • Planned Sessions
2009-07-15 Vent WebEx Session - General Discussion
  • Completed Sessions
2009-07-01 Vent WebEx Session - General Discussion
2009-06-17 Vent WebEx Session - General Discussion
2009-06-03 Vent WebEx Session - General Discussion
2009-05-27 Vent WebEx Session - Brief updates
2009-05-13 Vent WebEx Session
2009-04-01 Vent WebEx Session


2009-03-18 Vent WebEx Session - Review proposed definitions for numeric observations
2009-03-11 Vent WebEx Session - Finalize Models & Templates for Term Export & Definition
2009-03-04 Vent WebEx Session - Post Connectathon Discussion
2009-02-04 Vent WebEx Session - Templates + Groups + Numeric Parameter Gaps
2009-01-21 Vent WebEx Session - Post Orlando Meeting Review
2009-01-07 Vent WebEx Session

2008 WebEx Sessions

2008-04-11 Vent WebEx Session 2008-04-16 Vent WebEx Session 2008-04-24 & 25 Vent F2F@CIMIT/Cambridge
2008-05-15 Vent WebEx Session 2008-05-29 Vent WebEx Session 2008-06-12 Vent WebEx Session
2008-06-25 Vent WebEx Session 2008-07-09 Vent WebEx Session 2008-07-23 Vent WebEx Session
2008-08-06 Vent WebEx Session 2008-08-20 Vent WebEx Session 2008-09-03 Vent WebEx Session
2008-11-12 Vent WebEx Session 2008-12-03 Vent WebEx Session 2008-12-17 Vent WebEx Session

Ventilator Operational Mode Semantic Model

A key item in the Vent TG's discussion is to identify the core semantic components that make up a ventilator's operational modality. This in turn can be used to organize a device's settings, waveform annotations, etc. It is understood that the actual labels associated to a given mode will vary from vendor's device to device, and should eventually be harmonized with related activities such as the work being done within ISO TC121/SC 3/JWG 1 (Joint with IEC/SC62D) Critical Care Ventilators. Component semantics should be flexible enough to support all of these usages, though.

Note: This is also intended to result in an update to the existing ventilator operational modality terminology standard contained in ISO/IEEE 11073-10101 Health informatics - Point-of-care medical device communication - Nomenclature document.

A vent mode discussion page details the current proposal and provides a sandbox for specifying modes using the model.

Ventilator Terminology Background Materials

Note: Files also available on IHE.net FTP site.

ISO/IEEE 11073 Vent Specialization Documents

11073 Vent Specialization Info Model
11073 Vent Specialization Breath-to-Breath Annotations Example
11073-10101 Ventilator Terminology Excerpt / Summary
11073-10101 Ventilator Terminology Analysis - Dr. Michael Kraemer
2007-05/Cologne Functional Residual Capacity (FRC) Proposal(Marks/GE)
2007-05/Cologne Spiro Dynamic Compliance Proposal (Marks/GE)

Vent Operational Mode Background & Proposal Documents

2008-04-15 (Marks/GE) Vent Mode Classification Proposal
2008-04-15 (Marks/GE) Vent Mode Proposal Applied to GE
Ventilation Mode Proposal (Marks) <from F2F>
Ventilator State Machine Overview (Weismann)
Ventilator mode proposal and examples (William Furniss, 2008-05-29 tcon)
Aphorisms of Mode Classification (Chatburn, 2008.06.23)
Analysis of Aphorisms (Chatburn, 2008-06-02 tcon)
Breath Mode Taxonomy (Weismann, 2008.06.22)
Breath Model Taxonomy- Excel (Weismann, 2008.06.22 tcon)
Waveform Example from PB 840 Manual (Dain 2008.07.25)
Waveform Example - APRV (Dain 2008.07.25)

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(Note: Please correct & update this list including any URLs for documents that are located on-line)

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