PCD Profile Rosetta Terminology Mapping

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(PCD Profiles wiki page)

Current Documents

Brief Profile Proposal

Detailed Profile Proposal

Technical Framework Supplement (Word) (PDF)

NOTE: This supplement has been published for Trial Implementation. Change proposals may be submitted at the IHE Forum at RSNA.org.

Change Proposals and Updated Rosetta TF for Trial Implementation (for PCD TC review as of 2009-07-28)

Files located on FTP site
2009-07-28 Rosetta CPs and TF for review (ZIP file)

RTM Working Documents

Files located on FTP site
2011-05-07 3q Update (ZIP file)
2010-12-08 3o Update (ZIP file)
2010-10-28 3n Update (ZIP file)
2010-05-28 3m Update (ZIP file)
2009-07-26 3j Update (ZIP file)
2008-10-07 2f Update (ZIP file)
2008-02-14 1k Update (ZIP file)


See the Ventilator Task Group page for vent terminology meetings.

2009 Sessions

2009-02-11 RTM WebEx Session

2009-01-28 RTM WebEx Session

2008 Sessions

2008-07-02 RTM WebEx Session

2008-07-16 RTM WebEx Session

2008-07-30 RTM WebEx Session

2008-08-27 RTM WebEx Session

Ventilator / Respiratory Task Group

In order to address the numerous gaps that were identified during RTM analysis & mapping of ventilator & respiratory semantics, a task group was formed to focus on completing this part of the analysis and submit the resulting proposals to the appropriate SDO(s).

Terminology UML Modeling

In order to formally capture the relationships between the various components of the RTM tables, as well as to facilitate the development of terminology tools for profile testing and terminology research / authoring activities, a UML representation of the 11073 terminology and Rosetta components is under development. Once complete, this may be added as an annex to the RTM profile.


The following background / reference documents are available on the FTP site: