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Meeting Purpose

IHE PCD RTM Ventilator Task Group review of minutes and action items from Cambridge face-to-face meeting 2008-04-21 to 23. Discuss group's purpose and work plan.

WebEx Information

Topic: IHE PCD RTM Vent TG

Date: Thursday, May 15, 2008>

Time: 12:00 am, Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -04:00, New York)

Duration: 60 Minutes

Meeting Number: 922 677 544

Meeting Password: Rosetta

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Proposed Agenda

  1. Review minutes from F2F and the action items.
  2. Discuss vent mode analysis from F2F.
  3. Plan for Vent TG's work plan.

Attachments / Materials

Materials from Cambridge F2F meeting.



Chair/Host: Todd Cooper (IHE PCD TC Co-Chair)
Participants: Steve Dain (ISO/TC121/SC3, Robert Flanders (GE), Chip Furniss (Philips/Respironics), Manny Furst (IHE PCD), Joel Halle (Cardinal/VIASYS), Ken Marks (GE), Andrew Norton (IOTA), Paul Schluter (GE)


<Adjust table rows per meeting needs>
Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair
Status/Discussion: Reviewed & approved agenda.



2 Approval of Minutes
- Chair
Status/Discussion: Reviewed minutes from 2008-04-16 WebEx and 2008-04-24 Cambridge F2F

Decisions/Issues: Minutes approved


3 Action Items Review
- Chair
Status/Discussion: All action items from the F2F were completed except for #2 where various members were going to apply the modality semantics to various sample modes.


Action(s): Complete the test operational mode analysis for presentation & evaluation at the next WebEx session.

4 Mode Semantics
- Group
  • The F2F summaries by Marks and Schluter were reviewed. In general, though no additional presentations were made during this meetings, company-internal reviews of the mode semantics had been conducted and the feedback was generally positive - though it was clear that additinal semantics would have to be defined.
  • An additional attribute was agreed: Assist/Support Breath Augmentation (though the final title was TBD)
  • The need for coordinating these semantics with the definitions coming from the ISO TC121/SC3 working group was discussed and agreed. Steve Dain indicated that he would provide some background information for that group's activities + will report on the results of the upcoming London meetings and discuss at the TG's 7/10 WebEx session.
  • Label vs. component semantics or mode attributes - there was another discussion regarding whether specific labels should be used (e.g., mandatory vs. spontaneous or vendor-specific mode labels); it was emphasized that this Vent TG activity is focused on identifying the component semantics that could be combined to express the meaning behind a given ventilator operational model label, but that those labels are not part of this standardization activity.



  • (Group) Complete analysis of their assigned vent modes per the proposed component semantics.
  • (Dain) Provide background info to group re. ISO TC121/SC3's mode terminology work
  • (Dain) Provide an update of SC3's deliberations after the London meetings and then discuss during the PCD Vent TG's 7/10 WebEx session.
  • (Cooper) Update wiki pages for this group's activities.
  • (Cooper) Provide vent anotations analysis per previous standardization work
5 Next Meeting
- Group
Status/Discussion: A general topics list was discussed.


2008-05-29 (Lead: Schluter)
  • Review mode semantics exercise results
  • Review ISO TC121/SC3 information
  • Discuss waveforms
  • Discuss Breath-to-Breath Annotations
  • Settings groupings per vent mode
  • Information model review (ISO 11073-10201)
  • Review results of discussion from ISO TC121/SC3


Next Meeting

2008-05-29 (Lead: Schluter)

(Reviewed & approved by PCD RTM Vent TG 2008-06-12)

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