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Meeting Purpose

IHE PCD Rosetta Terminology Mapping (RTM) Ventilator Task Group regular discussion meeting. See the Proposed Agenda below for specific topics.

WebEx Information

Topic: IHE PCD RTM Vent TG

Date: Thursday, May 29, 2008

Time: 12:00 am, Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -04:00, New York)

Duration: 60 Minutes

Proposed Agenda

  1. Review agenda
  2. Review previous meeting minutes
  3. Review action item status
  4. Review mode semantics exercise results
  5. Review ISO TC121/SC3 information
  6. New Issues

Attachments / Materials

<Add links to discussion materials here for review before the meeting, or that are added during the discussion>



Chair/Host: Paul Schluter (GE)
Andrew Norton (IOTA), Chip Furniss (Philips-Respironics), Dieter Weismann (Draeger), Ken Marks (GE), Robert Flanders (GE)


<Adjust table rows per meeting needs>
Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair
- Discuss ventilator mode comments by Dieter Weismann and Chip Furniss



2 Approval of Minutes
- Chair
- minutes from previous meeting were not reviewed



3 Discussion of Ventilator Mode Semantics
- Group
- Chip led a review and discussion regarding based on the ventilator mode document he sent just prior to our meeting. Chip's paper addressed several issues that Dieter raised in his email.
- Breaking down the "breath shape" subcategories to "common control variables", "triggers" and "breath cycle" simplified the breath shape representation.
- Remove "Patient Interface" as a mode component, and just treat it as a configuration setting (everyone agreed).
- Remove "Delivery Method" as a mode component and treat it as a configuration setting as well (no objections).
  • ...



n Next Meeting
- Chair


- Chip will update his document based on our discussion.
- Dieter may draft a similar vent mode table.
- Paul briefly mentioned that we may need to conduct another face-to-face meeting, possibly in Vancouver adjacent to or during the HL7 meeting on 2008-09-{14-19}, or elsewhere. This would need to be coordinated with other ongoing ventilator standardization meetings.

Next Meeting

Next meeting Wednesday 2008.06.12.

(Reviewed & approved by PCD RTM Vent TG 2008-06-25)

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