PCD PC&TC 2010-10-06 Webex

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Patient Care Device Domain

Meeting Purpose

Joint PC/TC Meeting in Preparation for the F2F

WebEx Information

Topic: PCD Planning and Technical Committee Meeting

Special Meeting

Date: Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Time (New York)

Duration: 60 Minutes

Proposed Agenda

1. Agenda Approval
2. Review Discussion Summaries: September 22 PCD TC 2010-09-22 Webex, September 29 PCD PC 2010-09-29 Webex,
3. Patient Device Association proposal
4. Summary of other proposals: QBD, Location Tracking, Event Reporting Profiles and Security and Location Services White Papers.
6. Profile Update
  1. TF update update
7. October Meetings
  1. IEEE 11073 + HL7 ... agenda items?
  2. ISO TC215
  3. PCD F2F update PCD PC&TC 2010-10-18 to 22 F2F
  4. October 13 and 27 will be joint PC/TC Meetings
8. Additional Business

Action Items from Previous Meetings

See PCD Technical Committee Action Items.

Significant changes, other than dates, will be in bold.


Chair: Ken Fuchs, Steve Merritt
Jon Blasingame, Anupriyo Chakravarti, Bikram Day, Al Engelbert, Robert Flanders, Ken Fuchs, Steve Merritt, Gary Meyer, Scott Zaffrin, Khalid Zubaidi, Manny Furst


Discussion Summaries do not require formal approval, while minutes of meetings where votes are taken do. Participants are encouraged to review and bring up significant issues with discussion summaries of previous meetings. Votes will be taken to approve meetings where votes took place; these may be email ballots.

Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair


  • Agenda approved


2 Discussion Summary or Approval of Minutes
- Chair
  • Discussion Summaries of previous PC and TC meetings were accepted



3 Agenda Items
- As Noted
  • 5. No update.
  • 6. TF TI versions are complete, posted. John Rhoads and Ken will edit these for Final Text for those profiles that have been tested and are stable.
  • 7. Meetings:
- HL7/IEEE: Meetings are underway. Ken will attend tomorrow for discussion of remaining WCM issues. Among these are wrappers/groupers for structuring the group of messages that provide the waveform. Ken proposes that these are unnecessary and simplification is possible.
- ISO TC215: Next week in Rotterdam. Todd will attend.
- PCD F2F: Will include orientation on Monday morning for new members and non-members who are interested. Thursday will include a visit to Moberg Research. They work in the neuro monitoring area, and are working on 11073 messaging.
- PCD Weekly Meetings: Next two Webex meetings will be joint PC/TC.
  • Gary then described the Patient Device Association proposal. This will be on the agenda at the F2F along with the other workitem proposals for the next cycle.



4 Patient Device Association
- Gary
  • The recording didn't work.



Next Meeting

The next meetings will be

The Joint PC/TC meeting on October 13 PCD PC&TC 2010-10-13 Webex
October PCD F2F PCD PC&TC 2010-10-18 to 22 F2F and
The Joint PC/TC meeting on October 27 PCD PC&TC 2010-10-27 Webex

The next TC meeting will be November 3 PCD TC 2010-11-03 Webex

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