PCD MEM LS 2013-07-19

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Patient Care Device Domain - Medical Equipment Management Working Group

Meeting Purpose

Kick off specifically for LS WG; defining the project.

Meeting Information

Topic: PCD Device Management Communication

Duration: 60 minutes

Proposed Agenda


Review last meeting's discussion summary PCD MEM 2013-06-21

Define the scope, goals and process.

Next Meeting

- LS WG will meet August 2
- DMC WG will meet July 26


Chair: Monroe Pattillo

Al Engelbert, Liz Lutheran, Michael McDonald, Monroe Pattillo, John Rhoads, Paul Schluter, Paul Sherman, Stan Wiley, Benjamin Yam, Manny Furst


Scope for this cycle is defined as testing at Connectathon for end result New Directions demonstration at HIMSS’14.

- At the end of the meeting Manny indicated that it is likely there will be no Showcase rehearsal at the Connectathon this year.
- Testing in preparation for HIMSS will be conducted over the Internet. If firewalls prevent such testing emailing text messages will need to be used.

Constraints – identify compromises required to achieve New Directions demo to avoid them being identified as normative implementations. The demonstration will be agnostic to the accuracy/granularity of the deployed location tracking technology. Considering that most LS implementations today will provide only a location string this effort should consider accommodating that capability (which may or may not be directly tied to the architecture of the facility).

Goals – object location (equipment, people (staff, patients, others)) and associated data awareness, for location of equipment needing servicing updating or recall, or for staff assist, or for patient needs

Deliverables – whitepaper on use of PCD messaging and message content

Definitions (outside normal PCD set) – CMMS, LS, RTLS, RFID

Profiles (no new ones expected) – DEC, ACM, IPEC, PIV

- Actors – DOR/DOC, AR/AM/AC
- Messaging – PCD-01, PCD-04, PCD-10, PCD-03
- Where practicable MEM LS will make use of 11073 prior efforts.
- Other methods will also exist (SNMP, vendor proprietary SOAP/XML, etc.), and will need solutions for synchronization
- Later in the meeting Monroe briefly described the HL7 message structure. He noted that the PV1 is generally the location assigned in the ADT system and may be inaccurate at any point in time.

Use Cases – when in conjunction with other events, when in conjunction with LS specific events

- Benjamin asked about identification of patients, staff and asset and the possible relation of the equipment to the patient. Monroe described the way device information is conveyed (in an OBX when other device data is communicated, not queried), PIV possibly for the patient, PRT for staff and possibly patient). PIV does permit patient/device binding of a sort. Additional profiles can be used to convey additional information. However, no new profile will be developed in this cycle.
- Monroe added that in addition to equipment, staff and patient we should be able later to obtain location for people who are not patients or staff (e.g., someone in the waiting room).

What we have – existing messaging to which we can add LS and related information

What we need – a means of communication of location and related data in a means common to all PCD messaging (OBX field and format for location information for equipment, staff, and patients), including accuracy/granularity information when available.

- Stan asked about location resolution. Monroe agreed that initially it will be whatever the LS system can provide. LS will be used to get a general location, not requiring accuracy sufficient for implied binding/association.

Futures – possible profile(s) for request/response interactions (including possible new actors), adding data for NIST verification (RTMMS, MDC/11073, HL7, etc.). This effort will not attempt to perform location implied associations, or bindings.

Review of MEM Cybersecurity WG Discussion Monday 7/15 PCD MEM Cybersecurity

- Given that the first cycle of MEM LS utilizing existing PCD profiles, connectivity authentication and data transfer security are as per PCD TF (ITI understanding)
- MEM LS knowingly not handling management of other than basic configuration, such as medical device profiles and modes

Next Meetings

Next Meetings

- DCM will meet Friday July 26 PCD MEM DMC 2013-07-26 and August 9 PCD MEM DMC 2013-08-09
- LS WG will meet Friday August 2 PCD MEM LS 2013-08-02 and August 16 PCD MEM LS 2013-08-16