PCD MEM LS 2013-08-16

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Patient Care Device Domain - Medical Equipment Management Working Group

Meeting Purpose

Regularly Scheduled Location Services (LS) (also referred to as Location Tracking) WG Meeting

Meeting Information

Topic: PCD Device Management Communication

Duration: 60 minutes

Proposed Agenda


Review last meeting's discussion summary PCD MEM LS 2013-08-02

Continue work on the messages.

Next Meeting

- DMC WG August 23.
- LS WG will meet August 30.


Chair: Monroe Pattillo

Al Engelbert, Michael McDonald, Monroe Pattillo, Dalibor Pokrajac, Paul Sherman, Stan Wiley, Benjamin Yam, Manny Furst


Monroe led the discussion, focused on the draft WP. He described the search for international standards that would be applicable to this effort. He found reference to a US government office, and added

Monroe also found a new HL7 data type, LA2 that provides a string. He did not use this because it won’t provide the needed level of interoperability. Instead we are using PL, Person Location, that has the needed elements.

Monroe described the need for the PRT segment to identify people other than the patient. The OBX will provide location of the equipment whether produced by the device or RTLS vendors. Equipment vendors will not use OBX for people, while RTLS vendors can. The possibility of the equipment vendor including person location is therefore not excluded.

The revised document is on the ftp site: ftp://ftp.ihe.net/Patient_Care_Devices/IHEPCDYr9-2014-2015/

Following the meeting Monroe distributed the updated draft White Paper. The email provided this additional information:

If before we have our next call in two weeks anybody is willing to provide some sample messages with location observations that would be helpful, even if the location observation is hand entered and not from a real implementation, be it equipment location, or person location. They will not be cast in stone simply because you’ve submitted them. It’s simply an easier starting point than me cooking up some in the dark.

The reason for the sample messages is so that we can all come to an agreement on message content and then provide the samples to NIST for implementing web based automated content verification for senders.

Additionally, next time out we’ll come up with a list of location system specific alerts (alarms or advisories) – Use Case #2. These would be the LS system specific alerts which would include equipment and/or person location information as observations. Here’s my short list. Please feel free to suggest others.

Alert and Alert Value

Location observation
Tag ID (OBX also identifies the equipment, PRT used to identify person) – a still here report
Boundary crossed
Boundary identification (a change from one known location to another) a now here report
Dwell time exceeded
Time duration
Button pressed
Tag ID (where do we identify which button was pressed??????) location in OBX
Tag battery low
Tag ID location in OBX
Tag lost
Tag ID (haven’t heard from tag) location in OBX
Tag malfunction
Tag ID (do we, and where do we identify the malfunction??????) location in OBX
Limit exceeded
Tag ID (where do we identify the environmental parameter and the exceeded value??????)

As always comments are welcome.


Monroe Pattillo

Next Meetings

Next Meetings

- DCM will meet Friday August 23 PCD MEM DMC 2013-08-23
- LS WG will meet Friday August 30 PCD MEM LS 2013-08-30