PCD MEM 2013-06-21

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Patient Care Device Domain - Medical Equipment Management Working Group

Meeting Purpose

Kick off for DMC and LS profile development with users.

Meeting Information

Topic: PCD Device Comm and RTLS for Users of CMMS and RTLS Systems

Date: Friday June 21 at 2:00P EDT (NY Time)

Duration: 60 minutes

Proposed Agenda


Introduction to IHE, PCD and the DMC, LS Projects

Next Meeting

- June 26 Joint PCD PC, TC Meeting to provide status report and orientation to the projects.
- Meetings to develop the interoperable messages will be set following the June 26 meeting.


Chair: Monroe Pattillo

Julio Huerta, Ploypan Jensen, Salim Kai, Jeannie Massey, Michael McDonald, Steve Merritt, Monroe Pattillo, Paul Sherman, Manny Furst


This Meeting Was for CMMS and RTLS Users

Monroe provided an introduction to the IHE, PCD and to the DMC and LS projects. His slides are available at

A portion of the meeting was recorded (unfortunately without the first third). The later part of Monroe's presentation and the discussion that followed is available at

https://himss.webex.com/himss/lsr.php?AT=pb&SP=MC&rID=68469957&rKey=73c81f080063ab08 -- PCD Device Communication Management-20130621 1828-1, Friday, June 21, 2013 2:28 pm New York Time, 39 Minutes

The Powerpoint presentation and the user survey results are available along with a download of the recording at

Recordings and supporting material from the meetings with vendors and with PCD device developers are also available on this web site.


- A joint PC/TC meeting next week will introduce Planning and Technical Committee members to these projects. Manny to invite DMC participants.

Manny asked how best to show vendors that these benefits are important and desired.

Julio: An ally in obtaining vendor purchases: middleware (interface) vendors.
Michael: Use AAMI to promote the need and survey details.
Steve: Noted that significant user participation and support is essential, and that user identification of the need and the benefits (financial, etc.) and priorities.
Manny asked if Michael’s survey to a widespread audience would be useful (via AAMI, ACCE, 24x7, etc.).
Julio noted that the FDA is pursuing UDI and the FDA might even be interested in this effort. Manny asked if The JC would be interested. Julio indicated that these organizations are unlikely to actively participate but might be interested or even willing to endorse the effort.

Michael and Monroe discussed the need for the ability to identify patients that had used the equipment (without the CMMS having PHI, but location and time). This would facilitate actions in response to recalls, patch management issues, adverse events where the device’s historical use as well as current location are important.

Monroe described DEC and PIV profiles where the clinical data is associated with the patient. Because the RTLS’ accuracy is not provided there are limits to the potential benefits obtained solely through location.

Next Meetings

- June 26 - Update for PCD Planning and Technical Committees
- Meetings to develop the interoperable messages will be set following the June 26 meeting.

Next Meetings

Development Meetings for all stakeholders are initially to begin during the PCD DMC Friday 2 pm ET slot. The DMC and LS work will take place on alternating Fridays, beginning with DMC on Friday July 12, PCD MEM DMC 2013-07-12

NOTE: the DMC meeting Wiki pages will include "DMC" in the future.