PCD MEM DMC 2013-08-09

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Patient Care Device Domain - Medical Equipment Management Working Group

Meeting Purpose

Regularly Scheduled Device Management Communication (DMC) WG meeting.

Meeting Information

Topic: PCD Device Management Communication

Duration: 60 minutes

Proposed Agenda


Review last meeting's discussion summary PCD MEM DMC 2013-07-26

Continue work on the White Paper and development of the messages.

Next Meeting

- DMC WG will meeting August 23
- LS WG will meet August 16


Chair: Monroe Pattillo

Carlene Anteau (Awarepoint), Al Engelbert (B Braun), Julio Huerta (UNC), Liz Lutheran, Michael McDonald (VA), Monroe Pattillo, Paul Sherman (Sherman Engineering), Benjamin Yam (Awarepoint), Manny Furst


Monroe led the discussion, focused on the draft WP and the mapping spreadsheet.

Monroe reviewed the changes to the draft WP document (see Tracked Changes version).

- Monroe requested sample messages (e.g., battery, self-test).

Monroe reviewed the parameter mapping document (MDC Codes) and requested suggestions.

Manny indicated that Showcase planning is underway.

- The goal is a more clinical appearance for the entire Showcase including PCD.
- A consultant has been hired. The infrastructure will be a new design (the old kiosks, etc. replaced).

There is a need for sample messages. Al suggested that if any of the terms are in Rosetta it may indicate which vendor has already implemented that parameter.

Monroe provided a revised versions of the draft WP. That and the MDC mapping are posted at: ftp://ftp.ihe.net/Patient_Care_Devices/IHEPCDYr9-2014-2015/MEM%20DeviceManagementCommunication%20WorkInProcess/

Next Meetings

Next Meetings

- DCM will meet Friday August 23, PCD MEM DMC 2013-08-23
- LS WG will meet Friday August 16 PCD MEM LS 2013-08-16