PCD MEM DMC 2013-07-12

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Patient Care Device Domain - Medical Equipment Management Working Group

Meeting Purpose

Kick off specifically for DMC WG; defining the project.

Meeting Information

Topic: PCD Device Management Communication

Duration: 60 minutes

Proposed Agenda


Review last meeting's discussion summary PCD MEM 2013-06-21

Define the scope, goals and process.

Next Meeting

- July 26
- LS WG will meet July 19.


Chair: Monroe Pattillo

Carlene Anteau, Angie Baltz, Al Engelbert, Robert Flanders, Ken Fuchs, Ploypan (Aom) Jensen, Vivek Kamath, Liz Lutheran, Michael McDonald, Monroe Pattillo, John Rhoads, Paul Schluter, Paul Sherman, Stan Wiley, Benjamin Yam, Manny Furst


Monroe described the plan for this cycle. The work will be based upon existing profiles, PCD-01, PCD-03, PCD-04, PCD-10; actors DOR/DOC, AR/AM/AC will be the first. We will develop the messages necessary to participate as New Directions at HIMSS14.

Goals, offered by the group: Equipment identification, status awareness, equipment utilization awareness, equipment maintenance status, self-test, PM cycle indications and status, battery events, H/W and S/W versions and patch levels, equipment and component traceability (equipment H/W, S/W versioning for updating, recalls), power/battery management, (battery ID/SN, condition, replacement need/schedule, date last replaced), use metering, PM metering/cycling, component utilization over time.

We are not likely to be able to address all the above in this cycle. If a new profile is required that too will be in a future cycle.
Ken cautioned that any compromises made to accomplish the demo don’t become an ongoing constraint.

Future efforts suggested by the group: possible profile(s) for request/response interactions (including possible new actors), identifying bindings of equipment to patient outside of PIV use cases and infusion pump equipment, adding data for NIST verification (RTMMS, MDC/11073, HL7, etc.) Use cases: Use cases will include/distinguish when the device is connected to the patient or not connected to the patient. Patient binding will be presumed in the short term, addressed at a future date. PIV use cases may permit presumptions.

Deliverables could include a White Paper to describe the PCD messaging and message content.

Monroe offered a PCD-01 example to introduce HL7 PCD message to the group. He added the various sources for HL7 training. Manny added the profiles are available on the IHE web site. Monroe described the process for developing profiles (brief profile proposals, detailed profile proposals, development of the actors and messages, testing at a Connectathon and then TI will be considered for FT. Some of these steps will not apply to this cycle’s New Directions effort and timetable.

Next Meetings

Next Meetings

- DCM will meet Friday July 26 PCD MEM DMC 2013-07-26 and August 9 PCD MEM DMC 2013-08-09
- LS WG will meet Friday July 19 PCD MEM LS 2013-07-19 and August 2 PCD MEM LS 2013-08-02