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The IHE PCD develops standards-based interoperability profiles that address specific integration problems within the domain charter. It does this by following the IHE technical framework develoment process., which can be simply stated as:

  • Describe the integration problem (profile proposal) - detailing one or more real-world use case scenarios (brief 2-page documents lead to more detailed documents)
  • Develop Profile Supplements, which contain the specific content that will be published and ultimately included into the PCD Technical Framework (volumes 1 - 3)
  • Publish the Supplements for Public Comment and update the Supplements based on the feedback
  • Publish the Supplements for Trial Implementation - which is accomplished at annual Connectathon events
  • Finalize (freeze) the Supplement once its content has stabilized and been thoroughly validated.
  • Eventually integrate the Supplement into the PCD Technical Framework volumes

This page provides a launching point for the various PCD profiles.

Profile Links

Profile (linked) Status Date
ACM (Alert Communication Management) Final Text 2013-10-11
ADQ (Asynchronous Data Query) has been renamed RDQ, Retrospective Data Query (below) See RDQ below See RDQ below
DEC (Device Enterprise Communication) Final Text
MEMDMC (Device Management Communication) Trial Implementation 2014-11-04
DPI (Device Point of Care Integration) / RDC (Rapid Device Configuration) Development ---
IDCO (Implantable Device Cardiac Observations) Final Text
IPEC (Infusion Pump Event Communication) Final Text 2011-08-12
MEMLS (Location Services) Trial Implementation 2014-11-04
MEM (Medical Equipment Management) Whitepaper for Cybersecurity 2009-10-01
PIV (Point of Care Infusion Verification) Final Text
PCIM (Point of Care Identity Management) Trial Implementation 2016-6-24
Pulse Oximetry Integration with Clinical Applications Development ---
RDQ (Retrospective Data Query) Trial Implementation 2012-08-16
RTM (Rosetta Terminology Mapping) Trial Implementation 2010-05-28
WCM (Waveform Communication Module) Implementation White Paper ---

Workgroup Chairs and Contact Information

Profile (linked) Chair(s) email
ACM (Alert Communication Management) Monroe Pattillo, Rob Wilder monroe.patillo@gmail.com, rob.wilder@spok.com
Connectathon Workgroup Paul Sherman paulrshermancce@gmail.com
MEMDMC (Device Management Communication) Monroe Pattillo monroe.pattillo@gmail.com
MEMLS (Location Services) Monroe Pattillo monroe.pattillo@gmail.com
DPI (Device Point of Care Integration) / RDC (Rapid Device Configuration) ---
FHIR Todd Cooper todd@center4mi.org
IDCO (Implantable Device Cardiac Observations) Alexander Kraus alexander.kraus@biotronik.com
IPEC (Infusion Pump Event Communication) Kurt Elliason kurt.elliason@icumed.com
NIST Testing and Tooling John Garguilo john.garguilo@nist.gov
PIV (Point of Care Infusion Verification) Kurt Elliason kurt.elliason@icumed.com
PCIM (Point of Care Identity Management) John Rhoads john.rhoads@philips.com
Pulse Oximetry Integration with Clinical Applications Ioana Singureanu ioana.singureanu@gmail.com
RDQ (Retrospective Data Query)
RTM (Rosetta Terminology Mapping) Paul Schluter and John Garguilo paul.schluter@med.ge.com john.garguilo@nist.gov
PCD Showcases Manny Furst efurst@imp-tech.com
WCM (Waveform Communication Module) Chris Courville ccourvil@epic.com

Contact PCD@ACCEnet.org if you would like to participate.

PCD Development Cycles

Technical Framework

The current version of the PCD technical framework along with a listing of transactions can be found on the Technical Framework page

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