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IHE Patient Care Device domain, Device Point-of-Care Integration profile development work group

Rapid Device Configuration

The following document was developed as part of the Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel effort last year and attempts to put medical device data requirements for a variety of clinical use cases in context. Todd Cooper, John Rhoads, Jan Wittenber, and Ken Fuchs of this group were among the main contributors.

HITSP Technical Note 905 - Device Connectivity

For background on the ICE (Integrated Clinical Environment) standard, see:


[IHE_PCD_ICE-PCD_Analysis_Committee | ICE-PAC Task Group Area]

ICE-PAC . DPI . RDC (2).png

The following are working papers -- do not quote or cite without author's permission

ICE-PAC Orientation presentation

Ventilator workflow (Tracy Rausch)

OR to ICU Ventilator workflow (Tracy Rausch)

John Rhoads - Enterprise Architect file 'ice01.eap'

ICE-PAC Rapid Device Project Discussion


domain information model