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The Device Point-of-care Integration (DPI) white paper (WP) provides an overview of the issues, scope, general technical approach, and roadmap that the IHE PCD will take in addressing the integration of medical and health care devices at a patient-centric point-of-care. This Discussion page captures drafts of the white paper, action items and decisions, meeting links, editorial schedule, etc.

NOTE: DPI-related wiki pages may be seen on the special DPI category page.


Note: Documents are available on the DPI White Paper ftp folder.

Background References

NOTE: Additional DPI documents are located on the main DPI wiki page

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Editorial Plan & Schedule

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2009.08.27 White Paper Discussion Session - DPI WP Slide Set Review
2009.08.20 White Paper Discussion Session - DPI WP Slide Set Review
2009.08.06 White Paper Discussion Session - DPI General Discussion
2009.07.23 White Paper Discussion Session - DPI General Scope Review Discussion
2009.07.16 White Paper Discussion Session - Canceled - Leadership Family Health Challenges
2009.07.09 White Paper Discussion Session - General Status Update
2009.07.02 White Paper Discussion Session - Planning for July WP Development & Publicatioon
2009.06.02 White Paper Discussion Session
2009.05.18 White Paper Discussion Session
2009.05.14 White Paper Discussion Session
2009.03.19 White Paper Discussion Session
2009.03.12 White Paper Discussion Session
2009.03.05 White Paper Discussion Session
2009.02.10 White Paper Discussion Session
2009.02.06 White Paper Discussion Session

Action Items

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No. Action Item Owner Participants Due Open/Closed Description/Update
x ... ... ... 2009.xx.yy Open ...
8 WP Editorial Plan Cooper Team 2009.03.05 Open Create editorial plan based on v0.2 of the WP
7 WP Ref Sections Rhoads Roa 2009.03.31 Open Develop the WP sections for definitions, acronyms, glossary, references and bibliography.
6 WP v0.2 Cooper 2009.03.05 Open Update the draft WP to 0.2 and publish to the group for review.
5 WP Wiki Pages Cooper 2009.03.05 Closed Create DPI WP WebEx wiki pages w/ proposed agendas.
4 Update DPI wiki acronyms Cooper 2009.02.10 Closed Change profile acronyms on main DPI page to reflect current proposed profile supplement acronyms (e.g., "PnP" should probably be "DnA").
3 Wiki DPI Participants Section Cooper 2009.02.10 Closed Add "participants" section to the DPI page based on Google Group inclusion.
2 Draft Initial WP Cooper 2009.02.10 Closed Draft initial DPI WP as indicated above.
1 WP WebEx Scheduling Cooper Furst 2009.02.05 Closed Work with Manny Furst to schedule the upcoming WebEx sessions.

Working Group Decisions

NOTE: These decisions are in addition to the action items listed above.

No. Decision Date Description
1 WP Organization / Plan 2009.02.10 Group conclusion was that the general organization of the WP was on track and should proceed based on the 2009.02.10 discussion.
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