IHE Domain Coordination Committee Teleconference Minutes 2011-06-07

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  • Teri Sippel Schmidt
  • Michael McCoy
  • Geoff Pascoe
  • Tom Dolan
  • John Rhoads
  • Karen Witting
  • Flora Lum
  • Ken Fuchs
  • Mary Jungers
  • Kevin O'Donnell
  • Laura Bright
  • Celina Roth
  • Joan McMillen
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo


  • April 26 - Kevin O'Donnell move to approve, Karen Witting seconded - approved unanimously
  • May 10 - Karen Witting move to approve, Tom Dolan seconded - Kevin and John Rhoads abstain - approved
  • May 24 - Karen Witting move to approve, John Rhoads seconded - Mike McCoy abstained - approved
  • New Business: from Future Agenda Topics Page Proposal: Bring forward one new item on the call near the 1st of the month; review on following call; repeat (5 min - Teri/all)
  • Action: Pull one item from Future Agenda Topics for each call. For this call, see if it is possible to pull forward NameSpace discussion for 6/21 DCC call.
  • Action: Teri: Ask for update from Rob, Mary and Chris about their future agenda topic.

Domain Announcements

1. Request for new Domain Announcements (15 min- ITI/PCC/QRPH/PCD/PAT co-chairs to confirm)

  • No Domain Announcements were provided in advance in spite of the fact that at least 10 Supplements have gone out for Public Comment in the last two weeks. In future, be more insistent about requiring the Co-Chairs providing Domain Announcements in advance on the agenda.

Domain Coordination Issues

  • Supplements have been provided to Mary on time, with ITI and PCC even a few days ahead of schedule.
  • New scheduling process seems to be working well so far. QRPH documents expected this week.
  • Status
  • Discussed comments provided to Anatomic Pathology co-chairs from DCC 2011.05.24 tcon:
  • Still no Board Rep listed.
  • Several of the sponsoring organizations listed are not officially listed as IHE Members.
  • No vendors are listed as participating.
  • Bullets 2 and 3 were not combined/condensed.
  • Quantitative data for measuring Significant Profiles not extensive.
  • Karen Witting motioned to approve, Laura Bright seconded. Abstentions - Kevin O'Donnell. Approved to submit to the Board.
  • Karen Witting will send to Chris Carr to add to IHE International Board agenda.
  • Action: Kevin O'Donnell to submit minor changes to Board Report format for review.
  • Cross-Domain Documentation Work Group (5 min - Steve: Actors; Teri: overall)
  • Review new proposal for Technical Review Board process(deferred due to lack of time)
  • New Participant Process: Welcoming email (15 min - Teri)
  • Reviewed Letter and Karen Witting's comments at: Participant's welcome letter
  • Made several changes per Karen's suggestions (see google document history)
  • Most significant change: Remove list of web pages to review.
  • Action: Teri to update the Participate page on the wiki and that page will point to the other relevant pages. Would like to add webinars pages once the Events and Presentations pages get cleaned up on ihe.net.
  • Action: DCC - once Teri completes update of Participate wiki page, need DCC to review web pages which are being pointed to as well as text of letter again.

Documentation, Websites and Public Information

  • IHE International Webinar Series: Planning, dates, contributors (10 min - Celina Roth)
  • Webinar Powerpoint Template has been placed at ftp.ihe.net/MarketingandPresentations/Webinars2011/Template_Domain%20Slide%20Deck/ Needs to be completed 10 business days before your presentation for review by HIMSS staff. Domain secretary will email the domain co-chairs with this information/location of template and guidelines.
  • Each domain has an email address which has already been set up such as radiology@ihe.net which forwards to secretaries as well as current co-chairs.
  • Action: Nichole and Joan will send domain email aliases text to this committee for inclusion in powerpoint slides. Use domain email addresses instead of personal email addresses for future questions.
  • Action: Celina will update templates based on discussion.
  • Action: Nichole Drye-Mayo will work with web team to update ihe.net Presentations page and Events page with information Karen Witting provided.
  • Action: Nichole and Tom Dolan to contact Celina: Cardiology missing from schedule.

Process Improvement

  • Public Comment Process - update (10 min -Nichole)
  • The new Public Comment Process (replacing forums) is set up for all Supplements going out for Public Comment in late May and June.
  • Sample domain comment page: http://www.ihe.net/qrph/qrphcomments.cfm
  • Action: Add #4 from the PC instructions and add under priority comments. Kevin will send Nichole verbiage for Proposed Change.
  • There is one comment form (google form) per Domain which is currently set up and being used. An excel spreadsheet is also provided per Domain for "mass entry" of comments. The excel spreadsheet is then sent to the email address which is listed.
  • CP ballot process
  • Action: Chris Carr, Nichole, and Teri: Need to bridge the gap between TI comments and CPs (which also existed with forums). In the past, TI comments were ignored until a CP was necessary. We need to discuss the comments with Chris and decide on process on 6/21 call

Governance Implementation

Next steps and New Actions Items

  • June 21, 9-10:30am CDT

Domain Coordination Committee