Radiology Proposals 2009-2010

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Detailed Proposals

The following detailed proposals are being prepared for evaluation by the Technical Cmte. Detailed Proposals are due Sept 30.

Editors: To convert your Brief Proposal to a Detailed Proposal:

  • Use the new link above (Changed "Brief" to "Detailed")
  • Copy your Brief proposal text into the new page (don't forget to save)
  • Copy the Delta Proposal Template into the bottom of the new page
  • Update as necessary
  • Your goal is to give sufficient detail for the Tech Cmte to be able to evaluate the technical feasibility and effort required.

Tech Cmte evaluations will be inserted at the bottom of each proposal.

Brief Proposals

The following brief proposals were selected on Sept 16 for expansion to detailed proposals.

None of the other proposals received any kind of broad support.

It was observed that several of the profiles amounted to "implement a single DICOM object correctly". A proposal was made to explore if/how such profiles could be handled by the relevant DICOM WG responsible for the original object and then tested in IHE. In a run-off vote for the final slot, this proposal won out over the individual service proposals

  • Hanging Protocols for Processed Images- Brief Proposal depends on proper implementation of the appropriate tags in the underlying images, and on the hanging protocol objects themselves, but might potentially still fall in the "simple profile" category. That should be considered in the DICOM Profile Whitepaper work.

Email Comment from Kees: Apart from new Clinical Profiles, I still advocate that the MESA and other Connectathon tools fully support the effective transfer and use of Enhanced CT and MR objects in testing of the SWF and CPI profiles.

Call for Proposals

Interested parties are invited to submit proposal pages based on the Brief Proposal Template by Aug. 28, 2009.

You are also welcome to update and resubmit proposals from prior years.

(See the "CLICK HERE" link in the Brief Proposal Template for instructions on how to use it)