Radiology Proposals 2008-2009

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Final Selection

The Planning Committee selected the following 2008-09 work items during the Oct 22 T-Con :

The evaluated proposals that were considered are listed in the following table.

The "slates of work" that were proposed during the selection meeting are shown below the table, along with the estimate of Tech Cmte bandwith each slate would require.

Profile Editor Effort Tag
Basic Image Review - Detailed Proposal D. Clunie 40% A
PDI Extensions - Detailed Proposal D. Clunie 15% B
XDS-I Using XDS.b Technology - Detailed Proposal P. Seifert 20% C
Image Management Enhancements - Detailed Proposal D. Heaney
- - - address image rejection only 20% D1
- - - address image synchronization 60% D2
Enhanced DICOM Objects - Detailed Proposal D. Donker
- - - CT/MR Cardiac, MR Diffusion, CT/MR Contrast Perfusion 45% E1
- - - MR Diffusion, CT/MR Contrast Perfusion only 30% E2
Scheduled Workflow 2.0 - Detailed Proposal C. Lindop
- - - Operator Name, HL7-2.6 and fold-in PIR/Options 35% F1
- - - also address additional SWF II Whitepaper uses cases 80% F2
- - - and further address Distributed Workflow 110% F3
Rad TF Maintenance 2008-09 - Detailed Proposal CoChairs 5-10% G

Slate 1 - A B C E2 F1 G = 145%

Slate 2 - A C E2 G = 100%

Slate 3 - A B C G = 85%

Slate 4 - A B C F1 G = 120%

Slate 5 - A B C E2 G = 110%

Slate 6 - A B C D2 F1 G = 175%

Detailed Proposals

The following detailed proposals are being prepared for evaluation by the Technical Cmte. Detailed Proposals are due Sept 30.

Tech Cmte evaluations are inserted at the bottom of each proposal.

Editors: To convert your Brief Proposal to a Detailed Proposal:

  • Use the new link above (Changed "Brief" to "Detailed")
  • Copy your Brief proposal text into the new page (don't forget to save)
  • Copy the Delta Proposal Template into the bottom of the new page
  • Update as necessary
  • Your goal is to give sufficient detail for the Tech Cmte to be able to evaluate the technical feasibility and effort required.

Brief Proposals

The following brief proposals were selected on Sept 17 for expansion to detailed proposals.

This first group will be evaluated in the context of a Radiology Image Sharing Roadmap to be sketched by the Planning Cmte.

  • Mammography Reporting Workflow - Brief Proposal was referred to the Mammo Subcmte. The detailed proposal should clarify the need for bidirectional integration rather than individual product features. A discussion issue should also be added about whether Mammo industry attention should be focused on a new profile or on rolling out the recently completed Mammo Acq. Workflow profile. The proposal must reviewed by the Mammography technical subcommittee.

Call for Proposals

Interested parties were invited to submit proposal pages based on the Brief Proposal Template by Sept 15, 2008.

You are also welcome to update and resubmit proposals from prior years.