Hanging Protocols for Processed Images- Brief Proposal

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1. Proposed Workitem:

  • Proposal Editor: Peter Maton/Michael Planchart
  • Domain: Radiology

2. The Problem

Many display workstations have only limited capability to configure hanging protocols. Most vendors use their own approach and do not leverage the DICOM Standard for Hanging Protocols.

Processed images are often related to one particular source image which need to be handled as a set.

3. Key Use Cases

  • DR/CR Chest X-Ray:

A processed image is generated from a PA chest x-ray and both are stored in the PACS archive.

The study is viewed by Radiologist A, who likes to view the two images in a stack so s/he can toggle the two images observing the differences, but wants the lateral image to remain in a static box visible with either of the toggled images.

The study is also viewed by Radiologist B who prefers to view the PA and computed image side-by-side with the lateral image.

4. Standards & Systems

  • DICOM – Hanging Protocols

5. Discussion

Many viewing systems support only one option for viewing. Where there is more than one option it is often the case that the only mechanism to affect hanging protocol is based on which series an image is placed in, forcing a choice to be made of which radiologist is to be satisfied.

This proposed profile is about defining some minimum implementation of the DICOM Hanging Protocol. This is where an IHE profle can provide the impetus.

The use case described could be statisfied for Radiologist A by creating one stacked image set with the PA and Processed image based on the relationship defined by the source image sequence, and another image set with just the lateral.

Radiologist B can define a tiled image set in the order they choose.