Rad TF Maintenance 2009-10

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Target: Prepare CP's for Ballot for April 2010

Number of outstanding CPs:

  • 19 Assigned CPs to work on
  • CP-051 : Clarify Image Manager requirements in PGP profile
  • CP-075 : Avoid using "system" for actors in transaction descriptions
  • CP-082 : Dependency Table: clarification of dependency requirements, and better understanding
  • CP-113 : No real Billing & Material Mgmt Option for OF actors
  • CP-115 : Global Patient ID definition (equivalent to ITI-CP205)
  • CP-125 : Contributing Equipment Sequence in Import Object Stored transaction is incomplete and does not agree with the DICOM 2007 Standard.
  • CP-137 : IM/IA receives more or less instances than it expects as per MPPS
  • CP-140 : Creator PSs not forwarded
  • CP-141 : Clarify Semantics of R for Queries
  • CP-144 : Clarify use of HL7 Original Acknowledgement Mode
  • CP-145 : Let Export Selector specify a title and owner for the teaching file case document
  • CP-151 : Clarify the attributes for distance measurements in Mammo Profile
  • CP-152 : Section numbering in Transactions: Interaction Diagram
  • CP-153 : Clarify term definitions for “order” and “procedure”, and add terms to the Glossary
  • CP-160 : Clarify PDI Grouping
  • CP-179 : Require Frame of Reference in tomographic NM Images
  • CP-181 : Clarify Imaging Document Consumer rendering requirements
  • CP-183 : Mapping of HL7 to DICOM when using different value representations/data types
  • CP-184 : Provide Implementation Guidance for Provide and Register Transaction
  • 0 Completed CPs that failed ballot and need to be reworked)
  • 1 New CPs to review/assign
  • Add Display Image Transaction (see below) (Submitted soon)

List of "non-trivial" CPs:

  • CP-XXX : Add Display Image Transaction (Editor)
    • Needed to unbundle display requirements from network image retrieval.
    • Involves factoring out display behaviors from Images Stored; then seeing if that allows us to insert it in existing profiles as needed.
    • Would need to go through the supplement review process (it adds a transaction)

List of outstanding items not yet submitted as CPs:

  • Harmonization work from the HL7 task force (when it becomes available) will affect the HL7 Implementation guide section(s) of the Framework.

List of other maintenance tasks:

  • Cleanup of Cross-Referencing to ITI (they renumbered their sections)
  • R2/RE Harmonization?

7. Risks

Any technical or political risks related to expected maintenance items?

9. Tech Cmte Evaluation

Effort Evaluation (as a % of Tech Cmte Bandwidth):

  • 10-15% (Somewhat elastic. Most aren't urgent/critical. Some could be wrapped up post-cycle in April/June.)

Responses to Issues:

See italics in Risk and Open Issue sections

Candidate Editor:

Chris Lindop/David Clunie