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Cycle 10 - 2015/2016 Work Item Development Cycle (Proposals from Fall 2014)

The Patient Care Device Domain will use this page to track the development of Cycle 10 WorkItem Proposals starting Fall 2014, developed during 2015 and tested in 2016:

  • Brief WorkItem Proposals are submitted for consideration
  • The PCD Planning Committee evaluates and prioritizes these proposals
  • The PCD Technical Committee considers their feasibility (e.g., standards and resources available)
  • Detailed proposals are developed, led by the Planning Committee
  • Recommendations are sent to the PCD Technical Committee.
  • Detailed WorkItem Proposals are evaluated by the Technical Committee
  • Working Groups are formed to develop Supplements (technical documents) or Change Proposals for the approved proposals

The development calendar is available at Patient Care Device

The Change Proposals are available at PCD Change Proposal List

Cycle 10 WorkItem Candidates


- When final please provide a PDF document (preferred) or Word document.
- When the PDF or Word document is available, please send it to pcd@accenet.org for posting to the ftp folder.

The following WorkItem Proposals have been submittted for the 2015-2016 Development Cycle.

The following WorkItem Proposals were approved for the 2015-2016 Development Cycle.

The following were previously approved work items were reaffirmed for work this cycle

Workitem - Parking Lot (from past cycles) placeholder
Recent Past Cycles (note, proposals that were not balloted are also available on these pages):
- PCD Proposals Cycle 9
- PCD Proposals Cycle 8
- PCD Proposals Cycle 7
- PCD_Proposals Cycle 6
- PCD_Proposals Cycle 5
  • Medication Administration Clinical Integration White Paper - C4MI and others were to work on this with Pharm and others.
  • POI Issues - Address issues first with NIST then WG meeting. May 1: Message table structure needs additional columns.
  • POI CPs - Review and reset if needed. Better as mapping for device specialization. Discussion of VA interface issues and ability to adapt to other systems.
  • POI Rosetta Terms - Provide table of corresponding LOINC and IEEE codes.
  • POI code validation - Ask NIST to assemble clinical code validation into existing tests. Some DEC POI tests, validate to existing codes. Narrowed down to 4-5 items, NIST will include in test cases
  • Configure POI document to required format. - First device specific profile, first Vol 3 document. Those concerned about how the document is different need to provide Ioana with that feedback ASAP. Not a new profile, a device specific implementation. Needs to include MDS and LOINC.
White Paper - Parking Lot (from past cycles)

The following WorkItem Proposals were reviewed and are not being considered for Cycle 10.

As above.

These proposals were based on the Brief Proposal Template, Detailed Proposal Template or the complete Profile Template.

Cycle 10 2015-2016 Approved WorkItems

PCD Technical Framework Maintenance

The current versions of volumes 1, 2 and 3 of the PCD Technical Framework can be found at:

[PCD Technical Framework link]

Continue Prior WorkItems



  • (ACM) Alarm Communication Management - will become Alert Communication Management (renamed, some changes)
  • (DEC) Device-to-Enterprise Communication
  • (IDCO) Implantable Device Cardiac Observations
  • (IPEC) Infusion Pump Event Communication (will be renamed for wider scope, Event Communication, EC)
  • (PCIM) Point-of-care Identity Management (formerly called Device to Patient Association)
  • (PIV) Point-of-care Infusion Verification
  • (RDQ) Retrospective Data Query (previously ADQ)
  • (RTM) Rosetta Terminology Management
  • (WCM) Waveform Content Module (Option in ACM, DEC)
  • (DPI) Device Point-of-Care Integration

White Papers

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