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Work Item Process (Briefly)

At the 2017 April F2F, the PC reviewed the Development cycle and determined:
  • 2 year cycles are not needed and lead to confusion on which cycle a Proposal falls into.
  • Cycles will run April 1 - March 31.
  • Cycle 12 began April 1, 2017.
Brief WorkItem Proposals are submitted for consideration (Aug - Sept)
The Planning Committee evaluates and prioritizes these proposals (Sept - Oct)
The Technical Committee considers their feasibility (e.g., standards and resources available) (Oct)
Detailed proposals are developed, led by the Planning Committee (Oct - Nov)
Recommendations are sent to the Technical Committee. (Nov-Dec)
Detailed WorkItem Proposals are evaluated by the Technical Committee (Dec)
Working Groups are formed to develop Supplements (technical documents) or Change Proposals for the approved proposals
  • NOTE: Work item Proposals could either become:
  • A new profile with a technical framework supplement
  • Change Proposals to existing supplements or the technical framework
  • White Papers

Profile Selection

Cycle Years Working Pages Comments/Profiles
13 2018-2019 PCD Proposals Cycle 13 IPEC Final Text, Specializations, MEMLS and DMC Final Text, 10101b developement,
12 2017-2018 PCD Proposals Cycle 12 Devices on FHIR, PCD Workflow profile, Integration Profiles for OR.NET, Remote Device Control (RDC) WP and profile, PCIM migration from WP to profile, Update DEC SPD (filter), maybe add to PCD TF, Migrate IPEC from TI to Final Text, TF To get nomenclature into normative state, Identify WG resources to finalize pulse-ox documentation
11 2016-2017 PCD Proposals Cycle 11
10 2015-2016 PCD Proposals Cycle 10

9 2014-2015 PCD Proposals Cycle 9 Infusion Pump nomenclature and device specialization, IPEC revised profile supplement, ACM revisions in Technical Framework
8 2013-2014 PCD Proposals Cycle 8 Device Specializations - Physiological Monitor, Device Specializations - Ventilator
7 2012-2013 PCD Proposals Cycle 7 Device Specializations - Infusion Pump, Pulse Oximetry Integration, Medical Equipment Management to CMMS
6 2011-2012 PCD Proposals Cycle 6 Asynchronous Data Query, Point of Care Identity Management, Really Consistent Time WP, Location Tracking
5 2010-2011 PCD Proposals Cycle 5 Event Communication, Device Specialization - General Content Profile, TF Volume III (content specialization)
4 2009-2010 PCD Proposals Cycle 4 DPI - Device Point of Care Integration, WCM - Waveform Communication Management, MEM - Medical Equipment Management
3 2008-2009 PCD Proposals Cycle 3 ACM - Alarm Communication Management, PIV - Point-of-Care Infusion Verification, RTM - Rosetta Terminology Management
2 2007-2008 PCD Proposals Cycle 2 DEC-PIB - Patient Identity Binding, DEC-SPD - Subscribe to Patient Data
1 2006-2007 Device_Enterprise_Communication, DEC DEC - Device Enterprise Communication

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