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Cycle 6 - 2011/2012 (Starting Fall 2010) Work Item Development Cycle

The Patient Care Device Domain will use this page to track the development of Cycle 6 WorkItem Proposals starting Fall 2010 and developed during 2011/2012:

  • Brief WorkItem Proposals are submitted for consideration
  • The PCD Planning Committee evaluates and prioritizes these proposals
  • The PCD Technical Committee considers their feasibility (e.g., standards and resources available)
  • Detailed proposals are developed, led by the Planning Committee
  • Recommendations are sent to the PCD Technical Committee.
  • Detailed WorkItem Proposals are evaluated by the Technical Committee
  • Working Groups are formed to develop Supplements (technical documents) or Change Proposals for the approved proposals

Cycle 6 (Starting Fall 2010) 2011-2012 Approved WorkItems

PCD Technical Framework Maintenance

The current versions of volumes 1 and 2 of the PCD Technical Framework can be found at:


Continue Prior WorkItems



  • (ACM) Alarm Communication Management
  • (DEC) Device-to-Enterprise Communication
  • (IDCO) Implantable Device Cardiac Observations
  • (PIV) Point-of-care Infusion Verification
  • (RTM) Rosetta Terminology Management
  • (WCM) Waveform Content Message
  • (DPI) Device Point-of-Care Integration
  • Device Integration Profiles Guidance (TF Volume 3)
  • Event Communication
  • (PCIM) Point-of-care Identity Management (formerly called Device to Patient Association)

White Papers

Cycle 6 (Starting Fall 2010) 2011-2012 WorkItem Candidates


- Alternatively you can use the Wiki Template at http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=Brief_Proposal_Template

The following WorkItem Proposals are under consideration for the 2011-2012 Development Cycle.

Profile Proposals For Consideration in Cycle 6
- Note: Additional information on the IHE PCD FTP site

White Paper Proposals for Consideration in Cycle 6

The following WorkItem Proposals were reviewed and are not being considered for Cycle 6.

Workitem - Parking Lot (from past cycles)
White Paper - Parking Lot (from past cycles)
  • Semantic Architecture (to be included in Volume 3 introduction)
  • Regulatory Considerations
  • V&V & IHE: Medical Device Testing in a HIT World **

These proposals were based on the Brief Proposal Template, Detailed Proposal Template or the complete Profile Template.