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Patient Care Device Cochairs Weekly Meeting

Date: Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time: 3:00 pm, Eastern Time

Duration: 60 Minutes

Proposed Agenda

Please add suggested topics

Review & Approve Agenda
Review Discussion Summary last meeting May 12, 2009
Review Manny's email
IDCO Ballot to Release for Public Comment Status (Closes June 1)
Baystate Purchasing Dox
HITSP Update
  • ARRA - 90 day refocusing & CmDC
  • SDE#2, Continua & RMON Deadline
2009/2010 Budget
  • HIMSS Fiscal Year & Budget
  • Revenue Generation - Recruiting, Webinars, Sponsors
  • ARRA-related activities
IHE International
  • IHE International: Incorporation Status
  • New Members: Baxter + Asia Regionals Status Update
  • IP Management Process
- Draft Disclosure Process
- Draft Disclosure Form
Cycle 4 Development Update
  • PIV & Proposed San Diego F2F Meeting
  • TF Revision Update
  • RTM Update
  • ACM: Gap Strategy + Additional Domains
  • DPI WP
  • MEM WP
  • WCM
  • Identify profiles, dates, sizes
  • Press Releases with Each Release
Domain Coordination Committee Update
Organizational Relationships
Action Items
Next meeting - Proposed Agenda

Attachments / Materials

updated with discussion of May 12

Discussion Summary of earlier meetings May 12, 2009, PCD Cochairs 2009-05-12 Webex

Action Items Brought Forward

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments
55 Showcase vendor display policy Steve Merritt Ray, Elliot April 14, 2009 OPEN Will add to Domain Process (management) document. Issues may exist with third party devices brought by Cerner and Capsule this year. Will include: Chris Carr, Didi direction on bi-directional distributed demo, display/demonstration of ancillary equipment. Todd’s draft will be the basis for Steve’s efforts. Todd added this to F2F agenda.
61 Analyze, publish results of stakeholder survey Ray March 24, 2009 OPEN Ray is talking with WG4 in the HIMSS/AAMI/ACCE CE-IT Community, and possibly in BI&T. Manny working with Ray to update survey.
74 Clinical Recruitment Steve Cochairs and PC Open OPEN
  • Carolyn McGregor spoke with Elliot and she is interested in participating. Her interest is largely in data warehousing, and this would be a contribution to PCD. PCD needs to follow up. Ken will follow up with Elliot. Steve will talk about PCD at the Canadian meeting in May. Todd will also be talking at the meeting. Todd asked the organizers for additional time for informal discussion about PCD, etc. Paul will speak to the Chicago Area Biomeds.

  • (Zambuto) Review IHE membership to identify recruitment opportunities.
  • (Cooper)Update profiles wiki page so as to capture the attention of clinical reviewers.
  • (Zambuto) Ask Mario Castenada re. KP participants (perhaps also Michael Robkin)
  • Manny will talk with Cristal Anderson about possibilities. He asked for emails with suggestions.
  • (Cooper, Jan. 27) HL7/IHE are talking about this subject; there may be an opportunity for PCD
77 Monitor HITSP development of RMON and coordinate a demonstration with HITSP. Todd Paul June 16, 2009 OPEN For earlier discussion summary see meeting of May 12. Todd plans to prepare materials to call attention to medical device communications within the revisions underway. Paul noted that PCC domain may look at sending graphical segments in RMON. Paul responded to PCC by sending information on his concept for sending short segments. The approach they are currently considering won’t work for PCD.
78 Continua John Paul April 15, 2009 OPEN See May 12 meeting for earlier discussions. There’s been no opportunity to resolve apparent differences by June for HITSP. Paul said there’s been no movement on RMON in Continua. IBM is promoting web services and ASN1. It’s not likely that Continua and PCD will arrive at a single protocol by June. The positive side is that both will use RTM. One question is whether they can support complex devices such as ventilators, infusion pumps. RMON F2F takes place the week after F2F at NIST. Paul asked if anyone can join him at the Continua F2F June 8 or 9. That will precede a June Continua ballot. Ken and John are unable to attend.
82 PCD to develop MOU with CIMIT Ray Ken April 15, 2009 OPEN Defer interest in year ‘round lab. Ken wrote and discussed a draft MOU intended to enable coordinating profiles, similar to the Continua MOU. Ray There’s a question regarding where in the continuum PCD should have an MOU (ICE, MDPnP, CIMIT). MOU draft was sent to Julian Goldman. Paul indicated that an interface engine solution (e.g., Capsule) may meet the needs for bidirectional communication, or connection to the device may need to be more “intimate”. Nothing new re CIMIT or ASTM MOU. Deferred

83 Funding Possibilities Cochairs 2009.04.21 OPEN
See May 12 summary for earlier notes. Previous discussions including AHRQ.
Ray will contact AAMI to explore their sponsorship of PCD. Todd asked the IHE Board meeting if the Heart Rhythm Society’s (HRS’s) application to join IHE includes any funds to support IDCO. It didn't. Lisa asked Manny and Ray to provide budget support documentation for her request for additional funding. Ray will update the draft, Manny will review and submit it to Lisa.
Lisa and HIMSS are supportive of PCD finding additional sponsorship. Ray will attempt to set an appointment with Mary at AAMI during the AAMI meeting. The cochairs began discussing the business case that might be offered.
87 Recruit Vendors for Cycle 4 and HIMSS10 Manny, ACM and MEM leaders (John, Monroe, Steve) July 7, 2009 OPEN

Meeting Summary


Cochairs: Ken Fuchs, Steve Merritt, John Rhoads,
Technical Project Manager: Manny Furst


Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair


  • Accepted


2 Review Meeting Summaries
- Chair
May 12 meeting summary was accepted.

Decisions/Issues: Action(s):

3 Lisa/Manny Discussion
- All
Manny’s email summary of the conference call sent to the cochairs was discussed.
  • Budget: Manny briefly summarized the current state. Lisa will defend the budget this week. Ray will seek AAMI cosponsorship.
  • Profile status: Lisa requested projected schedules to help her and Chris Carr plan the time for review of all documents. Manny's strawman estimates were discussed.
  • HIMSS10 Workshop: It will be replaced by webinars. PCD Cochairs had no concern. The PCD F2F will include time for Showcase planning.



4 Announcements
- All
  • Baystate purchasing documents: Steve is including IHE requirements as part of their equipment acquisition project. Ken suggested MD Fire (Free Interoperability Requirements for the Enterprise) as a possible source of information.
  • Recruiting vendors: Manny to call a few vendors and then follow up with cochairs to set up webinars if appropriate. PCD cochairs to monitor, engage.
  • IHE International: No update on status, membership. The Radiology report was offered as a template for the Board Report which is due July 31 and scheduled for presentation August 13. Manny will add the dates to the agenda for the next meeting. Manny suggested that the budget document provided to Lisa has information on PCD history that may be helpful.
  • Domain Coordination Committee: Nothing significant since last week.
  • PCD Fall F2F: Start with Doodle survey of cochairs to set the stage for the larger query.
  • IDCO ballot: the announcement was released Sunday. Only one response to date.
  • Baystate will be purchasing a large number of medical devices. Steve was successful in getting a commitment to include IHE/interoperability in the purchasing documents. Ken suggested MD Fire (Free Interoperability Requirements for the Enterprise) as a possible source of information.



  • Add Vendor Recruiting to Action Item list.

5 Action Items Review
- Chair
  • 55: Showcase Vendor Display Policy - Change due date until the end of September, with the idea that portions would be ready for the F2F and others would depend upon the Showcase.
  • 61: Stakeholder survey - Ray and Manny updated the survey questions and sent it for PCD review. Ken reminded the group that one response was received. Manny will discuss with Ray when he returns from vacation. Following the review Ray will submit to HIMSS Analytics. Close the old and open new item with date of early June to send to HIMSS.
  • 74: Clinician recruitment - Monroe and Todd will participate in the Calgary, Canada meeting.
  • 77: HITSP RMON - Their work continues, but there are no significant PCD changes.
  • 78: Continua - Ken was on a call with Continua this morning. On the call Paul provided a half hour recommendation that Continua use PCD-01. Continua is planning to use a hub and they may be open to multiple alternatives.
  • 82: CIMIT - Change date to Sept 1. Open new item for ASTM MOU. Remove from the PC if it is there.
  • 83: Funding Possibilities - Manny briefly summarized the current state of the HIMSS budget, noting that HIMSS is unable to provide the significant increase in funding PCD requires, in particular funding for a portion of Todd's time. Lisa will defend the budget this week. Ray will seek AAMI cosponsorship.Touching base with AHRQ – end of May, early June. Change date to May 26.
  • 85: F2F May 4-8 - Close.
  • 86: HIMSS09 Web Page - Close.
  • 87: Recruiting Vendors - Manny to call a few vendors and then follow up with cochairs to set up webinars if appropriate.
  • 88: NEW - Cycle 4:
- WCM anticipates a series of decisions with serious discussion. WCM is several months away. Implementation for a New Directions demonstration is feasible.
- Other Developments: ACM – Monroe is attempting to recruit vendors for the AM-AC links; DPI WP – Todd is proceeding to lead its development; MEM WP – Steve is making progress with this group.



  • As above.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be May 26, 2009 PCD Cochairs 2009-05-26 Webex

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