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Mammography Acquisition Workflow handles mammography-specific exceptions to routine image acquisition based on Scheduled Workflow.


Mammography Acquisition Workflow defines how Mammography Modalities or Workstations reject images for quality reasons or correct view information in images. It furthermore describes how to document procedure and protocol changes as well as recall cases. The Department System Scheduler and Image Archive will keep its internal information consistent with these changes. The Reading Workstations present original and recall studies together.



Reduce Errors and Enhance Patient Care

  • Prevents additional exposure due to wrong labeling
  • Prevents delays in patient care by making relevant information available at the point of care.

Improve Throughput

  • Reduces staff time wasted identifying and correcting errors (in a coordinated fashion) among the HIS, RIS, PACS and modality

Reduce Deployment Cost/Time

  • Prevents custom interface specification time and expense—IHE TF provides a detailed specification for a powerful interface, supported and tested by many vendors
  • Prevents custom interface implementation time and expense—many IHE Integration Profiles are already supported by many vendor products
  • Reduces interface compliance testing time and expense—many implementation variations have been refined in systems tested at IHE Connectathons
  • Reduces intersystem testing time and expense—many combinations of systems have already been directly tested together at IHE Connectathons
  • Reduces custom interface maintenance time and expense by maintaining a single interface (IHE) instead of multiple custom interfaces


The Mammography Acquisition Workflow (MAWF) Integration Profile describes:

  • Rejection of images for quality reasons: After completed examination, some images are considered to be of low quality or not useful for interpretation and further use.
  • Correction of image view and laterality: After completed examination, the Tech notices incorrect labels in a view. The view shall be corrected and „updated“ in PACS / RIS.
Example: L instead of R, CC instead of MLO.
  • Unambigous coding of e.g. screening (technical) recalls, so that reading workstations can present recall cases together with the original study.
  • Procedure Updates performed at the modality.

Systems Affected

Systems involved in this profile are:

  • Mammography acquisition modalities creating and correcting images
  • Mammography reading workstations
  • Radiology departmental information systems that manage department scheduling (i.e., radiology information system (RIS))
  • Radiology image management/archiving (i.e., picture archiving and communication system (PACS)) storing and/or hiding old images

Actors & Transactions:



Profile Status: Trial Implementation

Documents: Supplement MAWF

Underlying Standards:

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