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<Your page name should simply be the Purchasing Full Profile Name with spaces, with capitals, without the acronym, e.g. Purchasing Encounter-Based Imaging Workflow.>


<We didn't discuss it, but I imagine that these pages are similar to the second half of the Radiology Users Handbook?>

  • Sample RFP/RFI language (per involved system)
  • Which questions to ask or requests to make and how to phrase them
  • IHE validation
  • Specification of appropriate Actors for each system
  • Other questions/statements

<The General Questions will likely not differ on each Profile page. The Specific Questions let the user show interest in specific profiles and get details about testing, implementation choices or related features >

<Need to include Guidance for RFP writers so they understand the questions and what it is appropriate to copy-paste. For example, even without participation in an IHE Connectathon, the product may work fine, but participation means the product has been publicly demonstrated to work with it's peers which is a degree of validation of the vendors understanding of the profile and compatibility of implementation. After a product has passed the Connectathon, IHE Certification, if available for this profile, is an extra degree of documented testing. >

General IHE Questions:

1. Please provide the IHE Integration Statement for your current product version (listing the IHE Profiles, Actors and Options it supports).

2. Are you currently implementing other IHE Profiles as Works-In-Progress? If so, which one?

Profile-Specific IHE Questions: <These examples are for EBIW. Replace with questions appropriate to your Profile.>

1. Have you passed testing of the IHE Encounter-Based Image Workflow (EBIW) profile at an IHE Connectathon?

a. If so, which one?
b. If not, do you plan to, and when?

2. (For EBIW Encounter Managers) Describe how your product obtains the patient and encounter metadata that it provides to Acquisition Modalities.

3. (For Acquisition Modalities) Describe how your product determines the body part examined and other procedure metadata (e.g. via picklists or other user interface)

4. (For Acquisition Modalities) Does your product come pre-configured with RADLex Playbook Procedure Codes?

See Also

<Replace the Template links below with links to the actual pages for the Profile>

The Profile Template is an overview of the Profile.

The Profile FAQ Template answers typical questions about what the Profile does.

This page is based on the Profile Purchasing Template

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