IHE Domain Coordination Committee Teleconference Minutes 2012-02-14

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General Committee Business

1. Roll Call see Roster

2. Approval of January 31, 2012 Minutes

  • Quorum reached, Minutes approved, one absention (Sondra)

3. New Business: from Future Agenda Topics Page

4. Review Action Items List

Domain Announcements

1. Domain Milestone Dates

  • Eye Care - Opening Public Comment
    • Basic Eye Care Workflow - manages and distributes the workflow across equipment within the eye clinic
    • Deadline: 2012-03-15
    • This is an update to an existing profile, actors corrected, not a new profile.

2. Domain Board Reports (10 min - Karen Witting)

  • Status
    • New "Provisional board report template"- Review from Kevin
  • Provisional board report reviewed - no changes/comments/additions requested; Karen will forward to Endoscopy and Dental since we were not sure if it had been forwarded previously. Unfortunately, timing will push out the Board review of these two domains by an additional month.
  • Will be available on ftp site also

Domain Coordination Issues

  • The next Strategic Planning Workgroup is Feb 16th where the proposal for the Strategic Board report recommendatsion will be discussed. The outcome will be sent out to the DCC. The material also will be sent out as part of the Board package for the Board Meeting on Feb 23rd. The outcome of the Board discussion will be presented to the DCC group on Feb 28th.
  • Update on IHE/HL7 CDA Consolidation project: "HL7 Implementation Guide for CDA® Release 2: IHE Health Story Consolidation, Release 1 - US Realm "
  • link just provided as fyi
  • Reinvigorating development committee volunteer activity - continue discussion- Karen W
  • Are we done with this topic? Kevin OD will ask Rad TC to give ideas a try. Is there more discussion needed here?
  • General concern is that committees are becoming fragmented where small groups, or individuals, develop profiles and there is little cross-review amongst the different profile development mini-groups. Result is lower quality profiles. Is there anything the DCC or Board can do to help the situation?
  • Please see the meeting minutes from the January 17th DCC call for proposals and discussions: January 17, 2012 Minutes
  • Please see the meeting minutes from the January 31st DCC call for proposals and discussions: January 31, 2012 Minutes
  • Decision is to wait and see if Radiology TC is able/willing to use any of teh ideas generated, especially the assigned reviewers and must review if you propose a profile ideas. Will put into Parking Lot so that we remember to review in teh future after current radiology supplement development cycle.

Documentation, Websites and Public Information

  • Documentation Work Group (15 min - Teri Sippel Schmidt)
  • update on C-CDA tcon; see DCC Doc WG wiki page Feb 13th 9am Minutes
  • This tcon went very well. CIRC and C-CDA were discussed in terms of differences in CONTENT versus differences in FORMAT. C-CDA has some requirements which are US-based content. PCC (Keith), in a valiant rough draft attempt, was able to test converting the PCC Reconciliation FORMAT into CIRC format and thinks it will work. There are still outstanding issues that need to be worked through, but at least CIRC has been agreed to as the FORMAT going forward. Face to face meeting planned to expedite the development of the Section Z of the Supplement Template.
  • See DCC Doc WG wiki minutes for more details: DCC Doc WG CIRC/C-CDA discussion
  • Introduce issue: Should IHE mandate/recommend a date/time/path that each IHE Domain works towards incorporating C-CDA requirements into new profiles? existing profiles?
  • IHE should not mandate date of C-CDA CONTENT adoption, needs to be worked out by each domain. Domains are in various stages of profile adoption and each one may have a different solution.
  • Need to make sure that the domains understand that C-CDA content adoption may force a profile to NOT be backward compatible. Need to think through thoroughly and assess. (HL7's C-CDA adoption was not backward compatible within HL7.)
  • As an example, Karen mentioned ITI's need to go to XDS.a and XDS.b for backward compatibility issues.

  • Technical Framework Publication Planning and Schedule - 2012 cycle (10 min Mary Jungers)
  • As a reminder, the input to the planning process is the Domain Milestones
  • The output to the planning process is the Technical Framework Supplement Publication Schedule
  • There is no room in this schedule. If a domain misses a DELIVERY DATE to Mary, they will miss publication this cycle.
  • Mary Jungers has spoken directly with all domains to confirm the schedule except Anatomic Pathology, ITI (planned), Endoscopy, Dental, and has a 2nd followup call with QRPH and PCC.

Governance Implementation

Next steps and New Actions Items

  • Next Call Feb 28, 2012, 9am-10:30am CT

Domain Coordination Committee