IHE Domain Coordination Committee Teleconference Minutes 2012-01-17

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  • Sidrah Abdul - RO
  • Juergen Brandstaetter - Pharmacy
  • Chris Carr - RSNA/Secretary
  • Tom Dolan - Cardiology
  • Simon Letellier - Pharmacy
  • Flora Lum - Eye Care
  • Kevin O'Donnell - Radiology
  • Teri Sippel Schmidt - Process Specialist
  • Karen Witting - ITI

Absent domains: Anatomic Pathology, Laboratory, Patient Care Coordination, Patient Care Device, QRPH

  • Quorum not attained. See roster


General Committee Business

1. Roll Call see Roster

2. Not reviewed (no quorum), move forward to next call:

3. New Business: from Future Agenda Topics Page - not reviewed

4. Review Action Items List - not reviewed

Domain Announcements

1. Domain Milestone Dates

  • reminder - follow the link above for simple templates for announcements
  • Radiology preparing supplements for public comment; Technical Committee meeting this week
    • Plan for Public Comment in February
    • Are currently using the new Technical Framework Supplement template

2. Domain Board Reports (10 min - Karen Witting)

  • Action: Kevin O'D- update Board report template;create a new template for Provisional domains
  • Action: Karen W- discuss new Provisional template with both Endoscopy and Dental
  • Updated Domain Reports process page with clearer procedure steps -reviewed with no additional comments
    • Note that wiki page above DOES describe how to submit a Board report
  • Cardiology report did not get reviewed at the last Board call
  • Action: Chris C - include in next Board agenda on Feb 9th

Domain Coordination Issues

  • Input received in various formats from most domains
  • Mike Nausbaum synthesizing formats for review at next Board mtg at HIMSS Feb 9th
  • Update on outcome of North American Connectathon 2012 - Kevin O'D and Chris Carr
  • All numbers are UP 10-20% across the board - huge success!
  • 117 vendors
  • 169 systems
  • 480 vendor engineers
  • 20-30% increase in number of profiles/actors per system
  • 63 monitors
  • plus additional staff
  • >4000 test instances completed and verified!!!
  • Gazelle worked well
  • 170 mid-week conference attendees
  • connectathon walk-throughs well attended and much better scripted
  • conference presentations -many by IDNs and deployments
  • conference presentations will be published on ihe.net
  • Reinvigorating development committee volunteer activity - Karen W
  • Problem Statement: General concern is that committees are becoming fragmented where small groups, or individuals, develop profiles and there is little cross-review amongst the different profile development mini-groups. Result is lower quality profiles. Is there anything the DCC or Board can do to help the situation?
  • General agreement: quality gap becoming evident at Trial Implemenation due to less review during Public Comment
  • committee members overwhelmed by number of new supplements/fatigue
  • Problem is both internal to committees as well as external (cross-domain)
  • Strength of IHE is speed (annual cycle) and vendor input during implementation phase; perception is TI version quality may suffer as a result; vendor input during TI phase is very valuable however
  • Decision to go to Final Text is crucial if quality is suffering in TI
  • Discourage sub-committees or small groups within domains; moves away from broader review and understanding
  • Last year (2011) the Tech Project Mgrs (Steve, Lynn, Teri) reviewed all 20+ new PC supplements and provided hundreds of comments. Took many weeks of work. Were under the impression that, for some supplements, provided large majority of comments. However, probably will not do this exercise again in future (too much time).
  • Proposal for a new rule: anyone who submits a profile has to also review two profiles
  • Key Proposal: create implementer groups for profiles (or groups of profiles) in trial implementation
  • Use Connectathons to recruit implementers to provide feedback; schedule follow-up call before and after each major Connectathon (four calls per year?)
  • Profile authors need to participate in discussions and respond to input from implementers
  • Bring proposal to Board for consideration of broader implementation
  • Add to next DCC call for further review

Documentation, Websites and Public Information

  • Documentation Work Group - Teri Sippel Schmidt
  • significant progress made on TF General Introduction - will be published as a web page (centrally maintained); will pull alot of intro material out of each domain's Technical Framework Vol 1 to minimize errors;
  • Technical Framework Vol 1, Vol 2, and Vol 4 "shells" almost completed for new domains; existing domains will need to adapt (eventually, after current Supplement template has been properly vetted)
  • Really need more input on Content Module (Vol 3) Supplement Template, especially from PCC and even QRPH. Only current input is from Cardiology (CIRC).

Governance Implementation

Next steps and New Actions Items

  • Next Call Jan 31, 2012 9am-10:30am CT

Domain Coordination Committee