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IHE Domain Committees Report Process

IHE Domain Reports report on the current state of each IHE Domain, its key achievements in development of profiles, progress in deployment and education actions, and its next steps, both immediate and mid-term.

Each year every development Domain is required to submit a Domain Report to the board. The Domain Report Coordinator administers this process by keeping the calendar of due dates and notifying, via email, Domain leaders when a report is due.

Process Steps

1. Development of draft Domain Board Report

  • The Domain Board representative coordinates the development of a domain report using the IHE Domain Report Template (updated Oct. 2016). Try to be concise; two or at most three pages.
    • NOTE: If you are preparing a report for a provisional domain, one that has not yet published its first profile, then please use the provisional domain template.
  • Submit to the IHE International Secretary, secretary@ihe.net, by the DCC Due Date (see IHE Domain Report Status).

2. Review by Domain Coordination Committee

  • The Domain Report Coordinator ensures the draft board report is on the agenda for review at the next Domain Coordination Committee meeting.
  • At the Domain Coordination committee meeting the draft board report is reviewed and comments are collected.
  • The Domain Board representative (or other designated committee member) updates based on feedback from the DCC.
  • Re-review with DCC until report is approved for submission to the board. If more than two re-reviews are needed the Domain Report Coordinator will notify the board secretary that the domain report will be late.
  • Once approved by the Domain Coordination Committee submit to secretary@ihe.net by the Board Submission Due Date (see IHE Domain Report Status).

3. Presentation to the Board

  • The Domain Report Coordinator ensures the approved board report is on the agenda for the next IHE International Board meeting.
  • The Domain Board representative (or other designated Domain committee member) briefly presents new or significant items and anything where board feedback is desired. The representative must limit their remarks to five minutes, preferably 2-3 minutes. Following these remarks the floor is open for comments and questions from Board members.
  • Once reviewed by the Board the report is considered final and added to the Board Reports page.

IHE Domain Report Status

The IHE Domain Report Status documents the status of Domain Board Reports for all domains.

Domain Report Coordinator Role

  • The Domain Report Coordinator will communicate with Domain Board Representatives and Domain co-chairs (both Planning and Technical) regarding Domain Report due dates.
  • The Domain Report Coordinator will report at every Board meeting and every Domain Coordination Committee meeting
    • Domain Reports to be reviewed
    • Domain Reports that are overdue and how many months overdue

The first Domain Report Coordinator is Karen Witting, for better or worse.

In process Domain Reports

Note: The Domain Report Coordinator will update this table, please do not update it yourself.

Domain Report Status Notes Document
Radiation Oncology Due to board 4/5 Due to DCC 3/8
Radiology Due to board 6/7 Due to DCC 5/10
Patient Care Devices Due to board 7/5 Due to DCC 6/7
Eye Care Due to board 8/2 Due to DCC 7/5

Completed Domain Reports

See the Board Reports page.