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Change Proposal TF-PCC-CP-0020

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Tracking Information

Patient Care Coordination
Change Proposal Number
Last Updated
13:42, 3 March 2008 (CST)

Change Proposal Summary

Editorial Corrections
Submission Date
13:42, 3 March 2008 (CST)
Profile Affected
TF Version
Volume and Section


Several editorial errors have been identified by different reviewers. This CP lists those issues.


There are numerous minor technical errors that have been spotted by various people over the course of Mesa and Connectathon testing. These errors are either minor non-conformances with CDA or Schematron XML, XML errors, or otherwise non-controversial errors that need to be addressed. Most of these can be found by reviewing Category:Pages needing work, but others have also be sent to the list via e-mail. The purpose of this CP is to approve the making of these corrections to the TF.

  1. Change attributes in several places:
    <entryRelationship typetypeCode='SUBJ'>
  2. In the Allergies and Intollerances Example, the templateId values do not match the text.
  3. In the Health Care Providers and Pharmacies Example, the document contains <scopingOrganization> where CDA would expect <representedOrganization>
  4. In Patient Contacts the names over the examples are reversed.
  5. In the Family Member History entry, there are nested <subject> tags. One of these likely needs to be changed to be <subjectPerson>
  6. In the PHR Extract Specification, the link to doesn't go anywhere.
  7. The code system for is not present.
  8. ActClass TRNS is not valid in CDA for the Tranport Entry.
  9. See Talk:
  10. See Talk:
  11. See Talk:
  12. See Talk:
  13. See first item under Talk:
  14. See Talk:
  15. See Talk:
  16. See Talk:
  17. See Talk:
  18. See Talk:
  19. See Talk:
  20. Fix references to numbered sections so that they correctly references pages in the Wiki
  21. See Talk:
  22. Missing CDA namespace on several lines:
  23. Improperly escaped & in text:
  24. See Talk:
  25. See Talk:
  26. See Talk:
  27. See Talk:
  28. Change typeCode to classCode
  29. In a few places, we mention use of entryRelationship in an organizer, but this isn't legal CDA, these need to be added as <component> elements.
  30. See Talk:
  31. See Talk:
  32. See Talk:
  33. See Talk:
  34. See Talk: