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This text needs to be fixed-->>Update the code for procedures in the TF<<--

Fixed: 10:51, 2 October 2008 (CDT) Kboone

Changed to newer style of entry to get Schematron generated

The Procedures and Interventions Section lists a required entry called Procedure ( However this template does not appear in the example and (more importantly) it is not being checked for in the provided schematron.

I am assuming that the table at the top of the page is correct and that there should be a rule that checks for the existence of Procedure. The fix was to add the following schematron rule:

  <assert test='.//cda:templateId[@root = ""]'>
    <!-- Verify that all required data elements are present -->
    Error: A(n) Procedures and Interventions Section must contain a
    Procedures Entry.