Standards TF Call 12/19/16

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AHIMA Standards Task Force Call - 12/19/2016

Day and Time

  • Date: Monday, December 19, 2016
  • Time: 1-3pm ET

Web Conference Link and Dial-in Number


Agenda Standards Task Force call 12/19/16

Call Materials

[[MEDIA: | AHIMA HIM Checklist and Use Cases Specification xx/xx/16]]


Beth Horn, Bill Reisbick, Bonnie Ormond, DeShawan Hill-Burns, Jennifer Manahan, Katherine Lusk, Lori McNeil Tolley, Neysa Noreen, Nicole Miller, Okemena Ewoterai, Robert Giannini, Sharon Lewis, Tami Montroy, Tracy Jacobs, Valiere Wilson,


Annemarie Wendicke, Annessa Kirby, Kwekour Quaynor, Melanie Meyer, Stephanie Costello


Anna Orlova, Diana Warner

Notes/Action Items

Parking lot: If the patient is already resgiestered in the ED, do they need to be registered in radiology, laboratory or other ancillary testing areas?

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