Standards TF Call 07/11/16

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AHIMA Standards Task Force Call - 07/11/2016

Day and Time

  • Date: Monday, July 11, 2016
  • Time: 1-3pm ET

Web Conference Link and Dial-in Number


Agenda 07/11/2016

Call Materials

AHIMA Checklist and Use Case Specficiation 07/08/2016


Attendees List AHIMA Stds TF 07/11/2016

Notes/Action Items

AHIMA Checklist and Use Case Specficiation 07/11/2016

For your review by COB Monday, 7/18, please see attached AHIMA Checklist and Use Case Specification 07-11-2016.

Action Items for Review in Track Changes – set up as balloons: <Patient Registration> Use Case: • Page 9: Definitions • Page 10: Problem Description • Page 11: Scope (including Figure 3 a&b) • Page 12: Actors (Business and Technical) • Page 14: Updated Use Case Description Table (in Track Changes) including added new step #11 of releasing information to clinician for assessment • Pages 16-18: Checklist Items by Use Case Workflow Steps

Please submit your feedback in Track Changes by COB Monday, 7/18 to Diana Warner,

We will consolidate your feedback and send you the updated version on Wed, 7/20 for the next TF call on Mon, 7/25.

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