SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-07-03

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1) Action Items Review (SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-06-27)
2) Update: Google Doc => Word docx, Google drive => OneDrive migration
3) Community Outreach / Planning / etc.
  • HL7 FHIR CAT 19-Sept - Update on hackathon planning Thursday & Friday September 19 & 20
  • IHE NA CAT 20 - Jan
4) Draft White Paper - Review Document / Add Content
  • Complete the discussion slide review, with a focus on the IHE TF SDC mapping + tooling approach
  • Use Case Updates
  • Planning for completion of first complete draft
5) 2019-07-11 Agenda


Todd Cooper, Michael Faughn, Ken Fuchs, John Garguilo, Dan Kernan, Koichiro Matsumoto, Luis Melendez, Eldon Metz, J-Uwe Meyer, John Rhoads, Stefan Schlichting
Regrets: N/A

Discussion Notes

1) Reviewed discussion notes and action items from SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-06-27
  • See updates in list at the bottom
2) Migration to Word / OneDrive
  • Todd completed the migration from the Google Doc/Drive to a shared Word doc / OneDrive; IHE PCD wiki page references have been included
  • Discussion around use of the IHE PCD FTP site vs. shared (personal) drives for public access to SDC@IHE items if /
  • For now (pending a general IHE solution) key revisions of the SDC@IHE documents will be saved to the wiki site and referenced from those pages
  • IHE PCD FTP could also be used if / as needed:: 3) September Atlanta Hackathon + HL7 FHIR CAT - Update
4) Draft white paper review (see slides HERE (PDF))
  • Discussion points included ...
  • Use Cases - Ken and Stefan will continue to add detail to the examples in the WP + Stefan will translate the extensive UC's from German
  • TF Mapping Discussion ...
- General agreement on all the key points of the "mapping" section of the slide deck ...
- Uwe has also created some proposals around integration of SDC especially with ITI XDS.b and FHIR.
- @ "SPDi" acronym: alternative ideas were kicked around but this ended up being recognized as a "keeper"
- QUESTION: Should we morph SDC@IHE to SPDi@IHE or similar? Rebranding NOW would be much easier than later; general consensus was "yes" but decided to let everyone think about it over the weekend.
- QUESTION: What acronyms to use for the specialized profiles? SDPi-R or -Reporting or ... ?
  • DEC DOF Actor: Garguilo mentioned the possible use of the Device Observation Filter (DOF) actor to provide information BACK to an SDC network - adding the concept of bidirectional data flow across a gateway (grouped actors) to / from enterprise IHE PCD connected systems
  • NOTE: Discussion Slides are complete now - consensus reached on all key discussion topics! All work will focus back on adding content to the Word draft document
5) Next Meeting
  • Focus will be to review the draft WP, which should be fairly complete at that point

Action Items

Action Items

From SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-06-27 ...

  • (Todd) Work with John Rhoads regarding PCIM Use Case & DoF integration
- Done: Propose a PCIM option at the SDPi profile level to support a gateway actor for device association that could be paired with the PCIM:Reporter + :Consumer actors; the Reporter would allow PCD-17 & -18 transactions from an SDC subnet to an association manager for association/disassociation events; the PCIM::Consumer grouped actor would allow the SDPi network to get external updates for association changes (e.g., from an EHR).
  • (Stefan) Craft proposal for how the Slide #14 "IEEE 11073 SDC" standards can be mapped into the IHE PCD TF / NIST tooling support

From today ...

  • (Ken) Update FESS narrative to the WP document & component use cases + add narrative to quiet hospital example focusing on clinical need / benefit
  • (Stefan) Translate extensive UC document / spreadsheet from German to English.
  • (Stefan) Update the various actor diagrams to include color coding with the SDC "Church Window" graphic
  • (Uwe) Provide additional model graphics especially focused on SDC and ITI XDS.b. & FHIR - Done