SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-06-27

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1) Action Items Review (SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-06-20)
2) Google Drive vs. OneDrive, Google Doc vs. Word
  • General discussion about accessibility and functionality and general challenges between both platforms, especially from company internal perspectives
3) Community Outreach / Planning / etc.
  • HL7 FHIR CAT 19-Sept OR Thursday afternoon / Friday after the main meetings September 19 & 20
  • IHE NA CAT 20 - Jan
4) Draft White Paper - Review Document / Add Content
  • Use Case Sections Review
  • Technical approach review
  • General review of the rest of the white paper content - planning for completion
5) 2019-07-03 Agenda - NOTE: 2 Hour working session planned!!!


Todd Cooper, Ken Fuchs, John Garguilo, Kosta Makrodimitris, Koichiro Matsumoto, Luis Melendez, Eldon Metz, J-Uwe Meyer, John Rhoads, Stefan Schlichting
Regrets: N/A

Discussion Notes

1) Reviewed discussion notes and action items from SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-06-20
  • Two action items outstanding & deferred to next July 3rd call (PCIM sync @ Cooper & Rhoads + SDC hlgh-level functions (Schlichting)
2) Google Doc/Drive vs. MS Word / OneDrive
  • Some participants cannot access Google drive content from their company computers prompting the question of whether to move to Word on OneDrive
  • Note that the IHE white paper template started in Word and will be published in Word; primary reason for Google Doc was the ease of co-editing, revision control, etc.
  • Decision: Make transition to Word document on OneDrive - target COB Friday, June 28th (the transition should be simple, no one objected and some will benefit)
3) SDC@FHIR Connectathon / Hack-a-thon @ September Atlanta WGM
  • In the Devices on FHIR (DoF) meetings there has been discussion of where to capture the SDC-FHIR implementation guidance (a new IG or an update to the current PoCD IG, which is currently preferred) + whether to schedule a SDC-DoF hack-a-thon type session toward the end of the meeting
  • Note that the DoF group has been discussing a formal track at the FHIR CAT the weekend before; however, a number of SDC individuals from Europe will not be able to make it out that weekend.
  • Decision: Allocate the time for Thursday afternoon & Friday (September 19 & 20) Q1-Q3 and send a note to the DoF list
4) Draft white paper review (see slides HERE (PDF))
  • Discussion points included ...
  • Ken identified a set of use cases for the Example #1 FESS narrative; Stefan S. will review; will be updated to the document
  • Example level of detail discussion ...
- Noted that only a sufficient level of example detail should be included in the white paper to promote understanding of the IHE TF proposals and help ensure they are appropriate
- This can include the narrative + identification of the more detailed "use case" instances + a flow and / or sequence diagram + any additional considerations of note for the SDC application
- Luis noted that each of the use cases has been extensively analyzed and that that detail was beyond the scope of the white paper; however, the point was made that the white paper doesn't have to (re)solve all the problems but solely to propose how SDC interoperability can be integrated into IHE TF specifications, tooling and testing.
  • Gateways between SDC and IHE (or others):
- John Garguilo asked, "Who will build the gateways?" (identified in a number of the diagrams)
- Todd noted that: (a) IHE grouped actors (e.g., SDC Proxy:: ACM-AR) will provide the expected behavior specifications / mappings; (b) PoCD DoF IG SDC version will provide mappings from SDC to FHIR; (c) open source tools are and will be made available for gateway implementations (currently available from and under continued development by the non-profit German organization)
  • Slide #14: SDC Standards graphic
- John Garguilo asked if modeling components (-10201 / 10207) could be added to the vertical indicating that it isn't solely terminology
- The graphic as drawn shows the "core" foundation of the 11073-10207 BICEPS standard; the left box w/ -1010x is SDC independent whereas the right part is "IEEE 11073 SDC" standards architecture
- The left "nomenclature" box could be updated to show a more complete set of RTMMS capabilities (per the forthcoming device profiling tool framework graphic)
- Stefan indicated he would see if the graphic could be updated to minimize confusion and maximize connection with other non-SDC aspects of the NIST / IHE CA tooling framework
- Stefan also volunteered to craft a diagram that shows how the SDC standards might be integrated into the NIST tooling and IHE TF
  • NOTE: Time only allowed working through slide #22; remaining slides and topics will be discussed in the July 3rd 2 hour session.

Action Items

From SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-06-20 ...

  • (Todd) Work with John Rhoads regarding PCIM Use Case & DoF integration
  • (Stefan) Provide Todd with a high-level set of typical SDC functions that can be used for organizing the proposed profiles & options DONE

From today ...

  • (Todd) Migrate SDC@IHE Google drive contents & Google doc to Microsoft OneDrive and Word doc (shared online) DONE
  • (Todd) SDC-DoF FHIR Hack-a-thon: allocate room in Atlanta + send DoF list a "heads up" of the planning around the meeting DONE
  • (Stefan/Ken) Stefan review Ken's analysis of the FESS use case narrative + Ken post the final detail to the draft white paper
  • (Stefan) Craft proposal for how the Slide #14 "IEEE 11073 SDC" standards can be mapped into the IHE PCD TF / NIST tooling support