SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-06-20

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1) Action Items Review (SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-06-06)
2) Draft White Paper - Review Document / Add Content
  • Use Cases Update (Ken Fuchs)
- General Update - spreadsheet, level of detail, etc.
- ICE Use Cases (incl. general framework w/ Data Logger?) + NITRD Use Case
- IHE PCD "Quiet Hospital" Use Case - Diagram Review & Discussion
  • Technical approach for mapping SDC to IHE TF constructs
  • ...
3) Community Outreach / Planning / etc.
  • HIMSS'20 Demo Proposals
  • HL7 FHIR CAT 19-Sept
  • IHE NA CAT 20 - Jan
4) 2019-06-27 Agenda + July 4 Meeting?


Todd Cooper (convener), Michael Faughn, Ken Fuchs, Koi Matsumoto, Stefan Schlichting
Regrets: Luis Melendez

Discussion Notes

1) Reviewed discussion notes and action items from SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-06-06
  • Stefan sent various files with details for use cases (e.g., "Dokument UseCases.docx")
  • Todd sent query to AAMI staff regarding use of / reference to ICE standard use cases
2) Use Cases Review
  • Ken has been organizing / categorizing use cases for reference and inclusion in the white paper (per discussion two weeks ago)
  • Stefan showed a few different documents that included categorization of use cases (see "Anforderungen_V_2.4_131210.xslx", "Use Cases-Cluster" sheet)
  • Ken also reviewed the FDA NITRD ("night rider") use cases - three key components - for inclusion in the document
3) Technical Approach
  • General discussion + review of Stefan's latest HIMSS'20 New Directions Demo use case description
- Stefan will provide a high-level functions spec for SDC networks to help guide the SDC@IHE profile mapping
  • Demo use case will include a technical alert from the OR that will notify biomed to replace a system component (addressing one of the ICE & NITRD use cases for hot-swapping/PnP)
  • Alerting demo (HIMSS'20 Quiet Hospital) might include a DoF alerting component
4) Meeting in July: Move July 4 (Thursday) to July 3rd, either 07:00 Pacific or normal PCD Wednesday slot at 08:00 Pacific

Action Items

  • (Todd) Update WP Use Cases section per today's discussion, including Quiet Hospital (w/ Demo), and
  • (Todd) Add explicit DoF section for reporting & alerting
  • (Todd) Work with John Rhoads regarding PCIM Use Case & DoF integration
  • (Todd) Check again with DoF group to gauge the interest in a SDC@DoF FHIR CAT 2019-09 event
  • (Ken) Update use case document w/ SDC content (provided by Stefan) and update the WP doc sections accordingly
  • (Stefan) Provide an updated Quiet Hospital "demo" diagram w/ DoF alerting component, both as a gateway function and as an Alert Consumer function
  • (Stefan) Provide Todd with a high-level set of typical SDC functions that can be used for organizing the proposed profiles & options
  • (Todd) Sync with Paul Sherman re. July 3rd (Wednesday) meeting time
  • (Todd) Update doc for Friday weekly version