SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-06-06

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1) Action Items Review (SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-05-30)
2) Draft White Paper - Review Document / Add Content
  • Changes since last review 2019-05-30 - detailed outline
  • TF-1 Use Cases Discussion
  • IHE PCD "Quiet Hospital" Use Case - Diagram Review & Discussion
  • ...
3) Community Outreach / Planning / etc.
4) 2019-06-13 Agenda


Todd Cooper ( HL7 / TSF), Michael Faughn (Prometheus), Ken Fuchs (Dräger), Koichiro Matsumoto (N-K), Luis Melendez, (MDII)
Regrets: Üwe Meyer (MT2IT)

Discussion Notes

1) Reviewed discussion notes and action items from SDC@IHE WP WebEx 2019-05-30
2) Reviewed updated sections of the draft white paper (ver 0.2b) - comments added directly to the paper
3) Reviewed IHE PCD "Quiet Hospital" initiative (in the use case section) and how SDC supports device-remote alert "delegation"
  • Stefan reviewed a number of slide presentations that showed how SDC supports "silent ICU" functions and remote alert "delegation"
  • Presentations will be provided to the group + selected content updated to the draft paper
  • Intent is to coordinate with the IHE PCD Quiet Hospital initiative group, with SDC as an example of managing alerting at the device interface level
4) Reviewed use case sections (both in the main doc and in the Appendix ...
  • Additional "families" of use cases identified and noted in the document (e.g., HITSP TN 905)
  • Intent is to show the linkage between SDC@IHE and the excellent use case analysis work done over previous decades
  • White paper will provide a review listing with public references of the use cases + a table that shows key aspects of each use case and how it applies to the SDC@IHE analysis and requirements
  • NOTE: that all the detailed content currently in the appendix will most probably be reduced to references and the analysis table, but it still needs to be determined the level of detail and presentation that is needed for this document.

Regrets: Todd will not be on the June 13th call; Luis will not be on the June 20th call

Action Items

  • (Todd) Update document per discussion
  • (Stefan) Send references for SDC use cases + how this group can reference them publicly
  • (Ken & Todd) Get a use case "table" document (Google sheet) started per the above discussion; Todd to start - Ken to do the REAL work
  • (Todd) Send query to AAMI staff regarding leveraging ICE standard use cases in the white paper