Radiology Proposals 2012-2013

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Final Selection

The workitems selected for the 2012-13 cycle were:

The Planning Committee considered the following 2012-13 work items during the Nov 15 T-Con :

Proposals under Consideration Editor Effort Tag
Invoke Radiology Image Display Service - Detailed Proposal - 2012-2013 D. Clunie 35% A
Management of Radiology Report Templates - Detailed Proposal - 2012-2013 C. Langlotz 30% B
Reporting Workflow Revision - Detailed Proposal - 2012-2013 K. O'Donnell 35% C
White Paper - Mapping RadLex Codes into the IHE Radiology Scheduled Workflow Data Model - Detailed Proposal - 2012-2013 T. Sippel 20% D
Scheduled Workflow 2.0 - Detailed Proposal - 2012-2013 M. Suzuki 10% E1
---including ORM replacement 45% E2
Radiology Imaging Report Content Profile - Detailed Proposal - 2012-2013 K. Ho 25% F1
---including paralleling/mapping SINR & XD* 40% F2
Retrieve preformatted images over web services - Detailed Proposal - 2012-2013 C. Lindop 30% G
Stereotactic Breast Imaging - Detailed Proposal - 2012-2013 J. Keyes 20% H
Rad TF Maintenance 2012-13 CoChairs 15% I

The committee chose to use the same ranking as last year (individual profile ranking and if the total slightly exceeds 100%, the final ranked workitem is "below the line", meaning if the Tech Cmte finds itself without enough bandwidth to complete the work, the "below the line" workitem is the first candidate to sacrifice). The Maintenance proposal must always be selected.

A ballot was prepared at The system uses the Schulze Method of Condorcet voting to determine winners by examining each candidate pairwise against each other candidate in terms of how many voters preferred A over B and how many preferred B over A and optimizing to satisfy the most preferences.

The detailed results are available online. (Committee note: next year set up the ballot ahead on time on modernballots so everyone can enter their ballots directly rather then spending effort on re-entering).

Detailed Proposals

Detailed proposals were due Oct 26. The proposals were reviewed by the Technical Committee on Nov 1:

Tech Cmte evaluations are recorded at the bottom of each detailed proposal.

Note: The Letter Codes below here are those used for short list selection. The Final selection above resets the numbering to ABC

Brief Proposals

Selected for Review by Technical Committee (top 8, listed in descending priority):

Rejected (in descending priority):

Call for Proposals

Interested parties were invited to submit proposal pages based on the Brief Proposal Template by Oct. 5, 2012.

Last years proposals and process are here: Radiology Proposals 2011-2012.

Committee Links

Radiology Planning Committee

Radiology Technical Committee