Radiology Proposals 2011-2012

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Final Selection

The workitems selected for the 2011-12 cycle were:

The Planning Committee considered the following 2011-12 work items during the Nov 9 T-Con :

Proposals under Consideration Editor Effort Tag
Unified Post-Processing Workflow with Application Hosting - Detailed Proposal K. ODonnell 30% A
Foreign Exam Management - Detailed Proposal D. Heaney 25% B
XDR-I - Detailed Proposal C. Lindop 20% C
XDS-I Registry Metadata Extensions - Detailed Proposal D. Heaney 20% D
Cross Enterprise Screening Mammography Workflow Definition Whitepaper - Detailed Proposal A. Cocchiglia 20% E
Management of Radiology Report Templates - Detailed Proposal C. Langlotz 20% F
Rad TF Maintenance 2011-12 CoChairs 10% G

The committee chose to use individual profile ranking rather than the "Slate" approach and chose to allow the total to slightly exceed 100% with the lowest ranked workitem being "below the line" (i.e. if the Tech Cmte finds itself without enough bandwidth to complete the work, the "below the line" workitem is the first candidate to sacrifice).

A ballot was prepared at The system uses the Schulze Method of Condorcet voting] to determine winners by examining each candidate pairwise against each other candidate in terms of how many voters preferred A over B and how many preferred B over A and optimizing to satisfy the most preferences.

The detailed results are here (Media:Rad2011-12BallotResults.pdf) and may still be available online.

Detailed Proposals

Detailed proposals were due Sept 30.

The following proposals were reviewed by the Technical Committee on Oct 12:

The following proposals were reviewed by the Technical Committee on Oct 19

Due to logistical issues the following proposal was not formally reviewed by the Tech Cmte.

Tech Cmte evaluations are recorded at the bottom of each detailed proposal.

Short Listing

Short listing review and voting took place during the Sept 14 Meeting of the Planning Cmte.

Short List Ballot

Short List Ballot Result: B C D E G J

Brief Proposals

The following proposals were submitted:

Call for Proposals

Interested parties were invited to submit proposal pages based on the Brief Proposal Template by Sept. 9, 2011.

You are also welcome to update and resubmit proposals from last year or earlier.

1. Enter the name of your proposal (e.g. Management of Radiology Report Templates - Brief Proposal) and click the Create button.

<createbox> type=create buttonlabel=Create New Proposal preload=Brief Proposal Template editintro=Brief Proposal Instructions align=left width=45 break=no </createbox>

2. Finishing editing your new page, then edit this page (see the edit button up at the top) to add a link to your new page to the list below.

Proposals may also be submitted by completing the MS-Word version of the template and emailing the completed document to

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