Rad TF Maintenance 2012-13

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  • Publish CP Ballot in early-Jan 2013 (for CPs needed for IHE-Europe Connectathon in April 2013)
  • Publish CP Ballot at end-of-April 2013
  • Incorporate FT CPs into updated TF released July 2013

Number of outstanding CPs:

  • 30 Assigned CPs to work on
  • For specifics refer to Tracking Doc and sort by Status
  • (about 2/3 are stagnant) Should do a review/triage of dormant CPs and cancel or re-start
  • 0? Completed CPs that failed ballot and need to be reworked
  • 5 Submitted CPs to review/assign (as of Oct 26 when this was due)
  • 237 Incorrect reference in Rad 43
  • 238 Align PDF & Text option names for XDS-I.b and XDR-I
  • 239 Refactor RAD-01 and RAD-12 Transactions with IHE ITI PAM
  • 240 Clarify New Series Instance UID semantics in IOCM
  • 241 Clarify how to handle retention policy expiry with XDS-I manifest deletion

List of "non-trivial" CPs:

  • CP-xxx : Title (Author)
    • no "non-trivial" CPs were raised

List of outstanding items not yet submitted as CPs:

  • 3 more CPs were submitted between Oct 26 and Nov 1

List of other maintenance tasks:

  • Cleanup of Cross-Referencing to ITI (they renumbered their sections)
  • Adoption of new IHE Templates <add link>
  • Add 2 FT Supplements to TF (and any made FT next year)
  • R2/RE Harmonization?

7. Risks

  • Risk of effort spent on updating existing Supplements and TF to match new templates being low return-on-investment.

9. Tech Cmte Evaluation

Effort Evaluation (as a % of Tech Cmte Bandwidth):

  • 15% total for maintenance with new templates only for new supplements

Responses to Issues:

See italics in Risk and Open Issue sections

Candidate Editor:

Kevin O'Donnell