Rad Plan Minutes 2009-09-03

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  • Kinson Ho, Agfa
  • Michael Planchart, Riverain Medical
  • Peter Maton, Riverain Medical
  • Lynn Felhofer, IHE Technical Project Manager
  • Patricia Katzman, Aware
  • John Paganini, Guardian Technologies
  • Antje Schroder, Siemens
  • David Clunie, RadPham
  • Chris Lindop, GE
  • Kevin O'Donnell, Toshiba
  • Cor Loef, Philips
  • Paul Seifert, Agfa
  • David Mendelson, MD, RSNA
  • Joan McMillen, RSNA
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo, RSNA
  • Chris Carr, RSNA


1) First Review of Brief Profile Proposals with Authors

  • Cardiac Imaging and Multi-Stack Spine Imaging
    • Implementations of Enhanced DICOM Objects (like last year's Perfusion and Diffusion profiles)
    • Cardiology domain needs to be consulted on Cardiac Imaging proposal
    • Adoption of previous enhanced objects profiles has not been widespread so far
    • Need to identify
  • Imaging Object Change Management
    • Changes made to image studies across and within enterprises create multiple copies that may change and diverge
    • Many additional questions are raised by cross-enterprise information exchange
    • In coordination with DICOM work, provide use cases for DICOM to address
    • Goal is to develop white paper this year for profile development in current year,
    • Kinson Ho and Genady Knizhik volunteer to be editors of white paper
  • Scheduled Workflow 2.0
    • Proposes many updates to SWF based on changes in HL7 transactions
    • Opportunity to clarify and extend SWF transactions, including use of MPPS
    • Physician Order Entry is related to SWF, but should be addressed as a separate profile in coordination with ITI (Kevin O'Donnell will post a separate proposal for this topic)
    • Includes ordering codes such as RadLex Chargemaster and JJ1017
    • Chris Lindop willing to act as profile editor
  • Presentation of Processed Images
    • Currently there is no consistent way for modalities (that create overlays) and post-processing systems to make their compound image objects available for display and storage
    • Example of Mammo CAD SR shows the downside of profiling "one true way" for post-processing of a given image type: existing solutions taking different approaches will merely ignore the profile
    • Burden on receiving systems (PACS, displays) to handle multiple post-processing types: one approach would be to create table of allowed approaches that receiving systems would be required to support
    • Another approach might create a display profile that sets baseline for the different approaches an image display needs to support
    • Proposal includes three separate approaches: 1) simple overlay images, 2) compound objects such as annotations, 3) on-demand processing of pre-processed images where post-processing does not get stored in PACS
    • Michael Planchart willing to act as proposal editor
  • DICOM Encoded Image Profile
    • Might be subsumed into Presentation of Processed Images profile
    • Don Mimlitch will be asked to work with Michael Planchart
  • Diagnostic Imaging Repository Actor
    • Consensus is that some parts of this proposal could be folded into Change Management white paper
    • Ask author, David Heaney to clarify proposal to indicate what parts might be distinct proposal and what parts are covered by Change Management
  • Data Retention
    • How policies about retaining and deleting images are implemented in a distributed environment
    • Might also be made part of the Change Management white paper; identify deficiencies in XDS-I model
    • May involve coordination with ITI to address synchronization, change management issues
  • Action Item: Profile authors to submit any revisions prior to 2009-09-16 teleconference to make short list of proposals to be developed into detailed proposals

2) IHE Radiology Communications Strategy 2010

  • Presentations at RSNA, HIMSS, SIIM, AHRA, AMA/AANS and other annual meetings
    • Committee members should participate in developing imaging scenario for HIMSS Showcase
    • SIIM Call for Abstracts closes Sept. 11
      • Meeting takes place June 3-6 in Minneapolis
      • General topics around IHE may be covered by Dr. Channin's SIIM U course
      • Action Item: Chris Carr to contact David Channin about his presentation plans for SIIM
      • Kevin O'Donnell, Chris Carr and Chris Lindop will draft abstract if it appears there is a gap in IHE materials in SIIM program
  • Action Item: David and Kevin contact AANS about BIR demonstration interest
    • NA Connectathon Trial Implementation Profile Promotion
      • Applications due Sept. 30; if communication to industry is to be effective, it has to go out soon
  • Action Item: Chris Carr will schedule teleconference for Sept. 9 to continue discussion of communication issues

3) 2010 Calendar Review

  • See Radiology Domain Page for timeline dates

4) Topics deferred for future discussion

  • Cross-domain report, impacts to Radiology
  • Board report, impacts to Radiology
  • Technical Committee report, 2009 Trial Implrmentation Profile readiness for Final text: Technical Committee Minutes 2009.09.02
  • www.ihe.net radiology content review

5) Upcoming Meetings

  • 2009-09-09, 10-11am CT: Teleconference to plan communications activities
  • 2009-09-16, 10am-12pm CT: Teleconference to develop short list of profile proposals

Radiology Planning Committee