Rad Tech Minutes 2009.09.02

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  • Chris Lindop - GE (co-chair)
  • Ellie Avraham - Philips
  • Brad Erickson - RSNA
  • Lynn Felhofer - Tech Proj Mgr
  • Kinson Ho - Agfa
  • SL Kapoor - TSG Integrations
  • Tim Krehl - Sorna
  • Michael Planchart - Riverain Medical
  • Koos Rommelse - Microsoft
  • Antje Schroeder - Siemens
  • Paul Seifert - Agfa
  • Alexis Tzannes - Aware
  • Jerry Wallis, MD, PhD - Mallinckrodt Inst.


1) Evaluate Trial Implementation supplement readiness for publication as Final Text and make recommendations to Planning Committee

  • Open Technical Issues that have not been brought to CP: requirements for spatial registration (especially with respect to hybrid systems)
  • Incomplete testing at 2009 NA Connectathon; hampered by absence of spatial registration object
  • Technical Cmte recommends that PC not advance to Final Text
  • NM Image - Cardiac Option
  • Open IHE CP:
  • CP179 require frame-of-reference in data set; assigned to David Clunie
  • Comments not brought to CP: Need to review frame-of-reference requirements for NM and display of common frame-of-reference in BIR
  • No successful Connectathon testing in 2009
  • Recommend that Planning Cmte not advance to Final Text; develop plan for encouraging adoption and testing
  • Mammography Acquisition Workflow
  • Two open IHE CPs:
  • CP155: Include new attributes in code per DICOM CPs; in current ballot package - Christoph Dickmann
  • CP140: Creator PSes not forwarded - assigned to Lynn Felhofer
  • No known open comments remaining to be CP'ed
  • No sucessful Connectathon testing
  • Not to be advanced to Final Text this year
  • Tech Cmte recommends to Planning Cmte to develop marketing plan to encourage adoption
  • Radiation Exposure Monitoring
  • No open IHE CPs
  • Two open DICOM CPs:
  • one a typo fix
  • CP963: adds date-time started for event to projection x-ray systems; in ballot package, final text in Oct. 20009
  • Significant comments that have not been put in CPs
  • Dr. Steve Balter suggest requiring a standard set of reports for dose information reporter
  • Significant successful testing in 2009 Connectathons, but relatively few Reporters or Registers
  • No secondary feedback gathered via Connectathon questionnaire
  • Tech Cmte recommends that Planning Cmte leave in TI status,

2) Assign volunteers for Volume Editor roles

  • Since no profiles are likely to be advanced to Final Text, tasks will be limited to CPs and clean up editing
  • Vol. I: Kinson Ho
  • Vol. II: Ellie Avraham
  • Vol. III: Chris Lindop
  • Vol. IV: IHE NL is working on proposal to address national ID; IHE J may have additional extensions

3) Timeline for publishing Rad TF Version 10

  • Sept. 8: Current CP ballot closes
  • Sept. 10: RSNA to circulate CP ballot comments
  • Confirm quorum on ballot; send out reminder to Rad Tech with list of eligible members who haven't voted
  • Sept. 14, 1-2:30pm CT: Teleconference to resolve CP ballot comments
  • Sept. 25: Vol. editors submit updated draft of Final Text to Rad Tech mailing list with changes tracked
  • RSNA to post tracked versions on ftp site
  • Oct. 1: Final comments due from committee members and technical project manager
  • RSNA to add updated front matter
  • Oct. 15: RSNA publishes updated FT volumes on www.ihe.net

4) Review and discuss worker bandwidth and priorities for potential Year 12 cycle proposals

  • Are there authors and reviewers capable of devoting time to develop proposed profiles?
  • Institute requirement that each profile proposal have one experienced editor on editorial team?
  • Review commitment to fund test development for each proposed new profile?
  • Perform assessment of testing resources required as part of profile feasibility review?
  • Bandwidth required to review and coordinate with work of other domains
  • Raise these questions/issues in Planning Committee tcon tomorrow and develop an agenda item for discussion on Testing and Tools Committee and Domain Coordination Committee

5) Block out times for Fall and Winter TC Meetings

  • Nov. 9-10 (Mon-Tues): Profile Development kickoff meeting
  • Start at 10am Monday morning and go through business day on Tuesday
  • Feb. 1-4 (Mon-Thurs): Prepare Public Comment Profiles for publication
  • Mar. 29 - Apr. 1: Resolve Public Comments for Trial Implementation versions of profiles
  • May 3: Target publication date for Trial Implementation profiles

Radiology Technical Committee