Rad Plan Minutes 08.05.07

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  • Kevin O'Donnell, Toshiba, Co-chair
  • John Paganini, Guardian Systems
  • Cindy Levy, Merge Cedara
  • Cor Loef, Philips
  • Paul Seifert, Agfa
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo, RSNA
  • Chris Carr, RSNA




Evaluate TCE for Final Text

  • Per Final Text Process
    • Tech Cmte has Proposed TCE for Final Text
    • Next step is Plan Cmte to review/confirm Consensus
  • TC wants a prompt answer; if positive, need to wrap it into the Tech Framework by June.
    • Action: Paul Seifert will confirm readiness of TCE for final text against process checklist on Wiki. See TCE Readiness Evaluation for results of Paul's investigation.
    • Action: Rad PC Tcon Weds, 2008-05-13, 11:30-12:00 CDT to vote on making TCE final text

PDI Deployment

  • Issues deploying into non-PACS environments (Cindy)
    • Use of Web Option
    • Education needed for "referring" physicians, including surgeons (ACS and AANS in US), on pre-loading of Images vs. real-time reading from CD
      • Persuade them that on-disk viewing software will not meet their needs satisfactorily
      • Each specialty will want its own viewing capabilities (and thus software); possible that a minimal amount of infrastructure (advanced PC plus viewing software) can meet the needs of even small referring practices
      • Development of education courses with appropriate professional associations?
      • User handbook/white paper focusing on PDI? (see Mac/Osirix white paper)
      • New profile development for PDI workflow? David Clunie's proposal
      • Engage key radiologist and referring physicians in development of white paper and future committee work
  • Action: Call on 2008-05-09, 3pm CDT, with MITA reps to discuss issues and organize approach
  • Action: Chris Carr will contact Dr. Collicut from ACS about PDI demonstration at RSNA and to organize discussions about imaging on media issues
  • Action: Kevin O'Donnell will participate in MITA meeting at SIIM on May 16 and report on that discussion

RSNA Classroom Courses - Nov 2008

  • Status report on Speakers (Kevin)
  • Note meetings
    • IHE NA on Mon Dec 1 1-5pm
    • IHE Asia on Tues 4-6
    • IHE Rad Breakfast on Wed 8:30-10:30
    • IHE Intl on Wed 12-5
  • Update on RSNA 2008 Plans (Chris C)
    • Image sharing/removable media demonstration

Profile Pages for ISO

  • Status Report by Chris Lindop deferred due to his absence
  • Action: Chris Carr will transpose existing CPI Web materials to new format on IHE Wiki
  • Action: Kevin O'Donnell will contact David Clunie about developing Mammo Image profile description

IHE Vendor Webinar - June 2008

  • Status Report (Chris C)
    • Discussion of any support needed from IHE Rad
    • Path finding session (15-30 minutes) plus materials for product managers to map out sessions they (eg, PACS product mgrs) should attend; make sessions product-centered
    • Action: Chris Carr will propose grid of session dates/times for Radiology sessions to Planning Cmte
    • Action: Kevin and Chris Lindop will fill in topic areas for grids
    • Action: Chris Carr and Co-chairs will solicit author/presenters from Planning and Technical Committees

XDS-I and XDS.b

  • Item deferred to 2008-06-04 tcon
  • Decide on a workitem for Rad Tech to "port" or otherwise address XDS.b in XDS-I
  • See notes on Rad Plan Future Agenda Topics
    • Need to handle early enough that if a profile is appropriate next year, it gets into the process.

Other Items

Next meeting(s)

  • Friday, May 9, 3:0-4:00 pm CDT:
  • Weds, May 13, 11:30am - 12:00pm CDT: vote on whether to advance TCE profile to final text status
  • Regular calls the first Wednesday of each month, 10am CT

Radiology Planning Committee