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Items in Italics are in Trial Implementation.

Profiles for Workflow

  • [SWF] Scheduled Workflow - (Paul Seifert - Agfa)
  • [PIR] Patient Information Reconciliation - (Kevin O'Donnell - Toshiba)
  • [PWF] Post-Processing Workflow - (Niki Wirsz - Siemens)
  • [RWF] Reporting Workflow - (Niki Wirsz - Siemens)
  • [IRWF] Import Reconciliation Workflow - (Cindy Levy - Merge/Cedara)

Profiles for Content

  • [NM] Nuclear Medicine Image
  • [MAMMO] Mammography Image - (David Clunie - RadPharm)
  • [ED] Evidence Documents - (Kevin O'Donnell - Toshiba)
  • [SINR] Simple Image and Numeric Report - (Chris Lindop - GE)

Profiles for Presentation

  • [KIN] Key Image Note - (David Robaska - Cerner)
  • [CPI] Consistent Presentation of Images - (David Clunie - RadPharm)
  • [PGP] Presentation of Grouped Procedures - (Chris Lindop - GE)
  • [FUS] Image Fusion

Profiles for Infrastructure

  • [XDS-I] Cross-enterprise Document Sharing for Imaging - (Rita Noumeir - SoftMedical)
  • [TCE] Teaching File and Clinical Trial Export
  • [ARI] Access to Radiology Information - (Paul Seifert - Agfa)
  • [ATNA] Audit Trail and Node Authentication - Radiology Option - (Ana Estelrich - GIP)
  • [CHG] Charge Posting
  • [PDI] Portable Data for Imaging - (Cindy Levy - Merge/Cedara)


  • Copy the contents of the Profile Template
  • Go to the Profiles page and click on the link to the profile assigned to you (see above)
  • Edit your profile page and paste in the template text.
  • Fill in the template
    • Replace text in italics with something useful.
    • READ the text in italics. It's intended to be instructive.
    • Sections in "See Also" can be left out if you can't thing of anything to put.
    • Try to keep it all reasonably brief and to the point.

Source Materials

Previous Profile Summaries - One paragraph summary text

Old Profile Presentation - Benefits and Graphics (Right-click, Save As... - it's painful to step through in the browser)


  • Rough Drafts due: March 17th
  • Group Review: March 20th
  • Final Pages due: early April