Rad Plan Future Agenda Topics

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Feel free to add proposed agenda items here.

Urgent: For Next Meeting

Try to indicate why it's urgent

  • Engage with nhindirect.org
    • They are looking for near-term practical steps forward for the U.S. NHIN
    • A number of IHE/DICOM solutions fit the bill.
    • We should get them on radar early.

Near Term: For Upcoming Meeting

Describe near term topic

  • Radiology entries in IHE Profile Catalog
    • The Catalog is intended to be a go-to place for users searching for relevant profiles
    • It also provides basic "one-pager" marketing materials for use at trade shows, conferences, etc.
    • Half a dozen Rad profiles still need writeups

  • XDS.b Document Management and Privacy
    • Review the XDS.b options on the Document Consumer and Document Source
      • They address use cases that are analagous for Imaging Reports and Images
    • Need to analyze RAD use cases and consider a work item to address them
      • Possibly by adopting/tweaking the XDS.b options (e.g., XDS.b named options for the Document Source)
    • This overlaps heavily with the issues being considered by IHE Canada/Infoway
      • Try to involve David Heaney, Peter Bak, etc.

  • Post-Processing and Reporting Workflow

"Parking Lot": For Someday

Review these from time to time for activation

  • Targetted Webinar Invites
    • Consider identifying profiles we want to specifically promote (e.g. new TI)
    • Assemble a mailing list of likely implementers
    • Send a targetted email identifying the profile and a bit of a business case and provide info to attend the webinar for the full story.
  • NEMA DICOM Library
    • Vendors who create objects have not been populating the library
    • One reason may be lack of a carrot
    • IHE has played with the idea of making Products (vs Prototypes) a more prominant part of Connectathon
    • Combining these, perhaps vendors could sign up to do Product Testing vs Prototype Testing (similar to the current supportive vs comprehensive)
    • One requirement for passing the Product level could be to post objects to the NEMA Library
  • Marketing Review
    • Review coverage at relevant conferences and supplement as necessary
      • RSNA
      • SIIM
      • AHRA
      • Europe?
      • Asia?
      • More?
  • Consider refactoring XDS-I.b into:
    • An XDS Content profile - for the sharing of the DICOM manifest and the PDF or CDA-wrapped reports
    • A "workflow-type" Profile that orchestrates the sharing of the DICOM Manifest with the retrieval of the DICOM objects referenced by the manifest.
    • Also consider if/ how XDS-SD (XDS for Scanned Documents) can be used in place of (or in conjunction with) the current specification for sharing reports.