Rad Plan Minutes 08.04.02

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Profile Pages for ISO

  • Review final pages
    • Kevin and Chris L will review & tweak pages
    • Kevin will call for completion of remaining pages

NM Profile Uptake

  • Presentation of issue by Dr. Wallis
    • Modality vendors have done a pretty good job
    • PACS requirements are minimal so they've complied
    • Rate of NM Adoption by Image Displays is too slow
    • None of the PACS Display vendors have stepped up. Felt that the requirements were too high and the user base too low.
    • Image Display Actor was intended to facilitate this
    • Cindy will google to see who has integration statements for NM Image Displays to confirm we have a void.
      • EDL and Agfa are testing Evidence Creator in Europe Connectathon
    • What can we do? Some ideas...
      • Currently some products try but don't succeed with all details
        • Vendor doesn't get any "encouragement" for a good try
        • Need to get the feedback comments back to vendors
        • Steve and Lynn have toyed with a "private" report card for each vendor
        • Alternatively have we set the bar too high?
      • Rewrite to make the highest features part of an option
        • Options aren't great but they're better than fractional compliance
      • SNM could do an "evaluation" of the marketplace and report how each vendor is doing
        • Service for vendors (report card) and users
        • SNM should telegraph this in advance so vendors can put forward their newest offerings
        • Such a report card might be a good input to the option task - what are features least widely implemented
  • Dr. Wallis will work with SNM to come up with the feature checklist for discussion
    • Consider getting some NM images on the PDI test disk for RSNA so a review squad could demonstrate directly to vendors if their products are falling short.

  • Sites are falling back to sending Secondary Capture instead of Nuc Med.

Evaluate Trial Implemenation Profiles for possible Final Text promotion

Need to explicitly decide on whether or not to include the TI Profiles into v9.0 of the Radiology Technical Framework:

  • NM Profile
  • TCE Profile
  • FUS Profile

The Final Text Process lists the first step as the Tech Cmte deciding a TI Profile is technically mature enough for Final Text.

RSNA Classroom Courses - Nov 2008

  • Review title/presenters matrix
  • Kevin will provide Status of "User Speakers"
    • Called for speakers to fill 4 slots
  • Chris C will Update on RSNA 2008 Plans (outside the classroom)
    • Will repeat (IHE NA on Mon Dec 1 1-5pm , IHE Asia on Tues 4-6, IHE Intl Wednesday afternoon 2-5)
    • IHE Rad Breakfast Wednesday morning 8:30-10:30) - These are on the IHE Calendar
    • Initial plan for some kind of image sharing demonstration, perhaps with removable media (formative stages now)
    • Combo of PDI and XDS
    • Layout will change a bit. Lakeside will be commercial. 3 halls of commercial.
    • Education are one level down (where the coatcheck was)
    • May have distributed parts in vendor booth and something in North Hall

IHE Vendor Webinar - June 2008

  • Chris C will Review draft schedule of sessions
    • Broad outline so far
    • Project Mgrs start by giving process overview
    • Consider a product category oriented set of short breakouts to flag "profiles of interest" in various domains
      • Give them a shopping list so they know which sessions in the following breakouts to go to
    • One breakout set for domain focused profiles
    • One breakout set for cross-domain type profiles (XDS, Security, PAM, etc) both inter and intra enterprise
  • Recruit speakers
    • Will call for people later

XDS-I and XDS.b

  • Decide on a workitem for Rad Tech to "port" or otherwise address XDS.b in XDS-I
  • See notes on Rad Plan Future Agenda Topics
    • Defered to next meeting or sometime soon.
    • Need to handle early enough that if a profile is appropriate next year, it gets into the process.

Other Items

Next meeting(s)

First Wednesday of each month, 10am CT