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Patient Care Device Domain

Meeting Purpose

TC Regularly Scheduled Meeting

WebEx Information

Topic: PCD Technical Committee

Regularly Scheduled Meeting Time

Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Time (New York)

Duration: 60 Minutes

Proposed Agenda

1. Agenda Approval
2. Review Discussion Summary June 19, 2013 PCD TC 2013-06-19 Webex and Joint PC/TC June 26 PCD PC&TC 2013-06-26 Webex
3. Announcements
4. Status: TF, Supplement, Other Documents
- CPs: ACM
5. DMC and LS
- Invitation to Device Vendors
- Meeting Schedule
- Volunteer TC Member for Each WG
6. Action Item Review (last reviewed Jan. 9, and June 19 continue with #132)
- Item 123 - Close result of Phoenix meetings
7. Additional Business
8. Next Meetings:
- TC July 24; PC July 17

Action Items from Previous Meetings

See PCD Technical Committee Action Items.

Significant changes, other than dates, will be in bold.


  • Published and Draft Versions of the TF, Supplements, Other Documents:
- The PCD ftp site has draft versions.
- Published (and possibly in the process of being replaced with new versions):
o http://ihe.net/Technical_Framework/index.cfm#pcd
- and there is a list of CPs, which may, at any given time, affect a published document. The list is at


  • Not Yet Published:
o ftp://ftp.ihe.net/Patient_Care_Devices/Profiles/


Chair: John Rhoads
Al Engelbert, Robert Flanders, Ken Fuchs, Bob Gold, Jeff McGeath, Monroe Pattillo, John Rhoads, Paul Schluter, Paul Sherman, Manny Furst


Discussion Summaries do not require formal approval, while minutes of meetings where votes are taken do. Participants are encouraged to review and bring up significant issues with discussion summaries of previous meetings. Votes will be taken to approve meetings where votes took place; these may be email ballots.

Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair


Agenda approved


2 Discussion Summary or Approval of Minutes
- Chair
Discussion Summary of previous meetings: June 19, 26



3 Agenda Items
- As Noted

3. Announcements: None.

4. Status of TF, Etc.:

- ACM: nearly ready for addition to the FT TF; the WG meets this week to review. The remaining comments are mostly editorial. He is looking at two significant suggestions which may need to be postponed for a future CP(s).

5. DMC and LS:

- The meetings will take place in the DMC Friday time slot, alternating between DMC and LS.
- Manny invited device vendor participation. John Rhoads indicated that there is a high level of customer interest and he will participate. An email was sent describing the process and schedule.
- Monroe described the ability to use DEC, ACM as the foundation for these messages. He added that interested members should join the DMC WG’s GG to follow along if they can’t attend the meetings.

6. Action Items:

123 doesn’t correspond with the agenda
- 126. RTMMS: Paul Schluter announced today’s meeting will address the recent ISO meeting and acceptance of the ventilator terminology. The WG is working on 10101a including infusion pump terms. There will be an opportunity for last minute additions before submission.
- 132. Conformance Profiles: John Rhoads summarized the project indicating this is very important. Change the date to the October F2F.
- 135. ACM Recruiting: Monroe reported that we are in need of AC actors and will welcome additional AM actors. Change date to the October F2F.
- 136. WCM Parameters: Ken reported that some attributes remain to be added to 10101. John Rhoads will ask Jan about the status and Paul offered to add them to 10101a if appropriate. Change date to August 7.
- 137. PIV User Approval: Al reviewed this as a potential addition requiring the clinician to review the program before initiating the infusion. John Rhoads suggested that this be incorporated in the TF with a CP. Paul Schluter suggested that in an environment with close clinical supervision there may not be a need for the clinician to “push the button”, such as for an anesthesiologist in the OR or in a closed loop system. He suggested a standardized display which provides safety.
- 140. Assemble Baseline Set: John Rhoads announced that HL7 now makes it possible to view their standards for no cost. Monroe noted that the cost for IEEE standards is prohibitive for new and small organizations. PCD will investigate access to base standards. Add John Rhoads. Manny to ping Ioana.
- 141. Matrix Matching Profiles and Standards: no change
- 142. Security and Privacy: Closed as complete.
- 143. HL7 Versions: Change date to October F2F.
- 144. Rosetta Events and Alarms: Close as underway.
- 145. Anatomy of an Event and Alarm: Close as underway.
- 146. VA in Connectathon, Showcase: Manny to ping Ioana.
- 147. Edit IPEC: no change
- 148. Implementation Guide: Monroe noted that HIMSS published the Interoperability for Dummies Guide and that IHE and PCD needs to promote to purchasing managers.
- Continue with 149.



Next Meetings

The next meetings are:

TC July 24, 2013 PCD TC 2013-07-24 Webex

PC July 17, 2013 PCD PC 2013-07-17 Webex

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