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Patient Care Device Domain

Meeting Purpose

PC Regularly Scheduled Meeting

WebEx Information

Topic: PCD Planning and Technical Committees Joint Meeting

Regularly Scheduled Meeting Time

Date: Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Time (New York)

Duration: 60 Minutes

Proposed Agenda

1. Agenda Approval
2. Review Discussion Summaries: Planning Committee December 1 PCD PC 2010-12-01 Webex
3. Special Portion: The Federal Government's CONNECT Effort, presented by Elliot Sloane
4. Roadmap Update
5. Brief and Detailed Profile Proposal Updates
  1. January 5 Meeting: Joint PC, TC, Includes Decisions by TC and PC
6. Existing Profile and TF Development Updates
  1. TF update
7. Action Item Review
8. Next and Recent Meetings
  1. ISO TC215
  2. No Meeting Dec. 29
9. Additional Business
10. Next Meetings

Action Items from Previous Meetings

See PCD Technical Committee Action Items.

Significant changes, other than dates, will be in bold.


Chair: Ken Fuchs, Steve Merritt
Bikram Day, Al Engelbert, Ken Fuchs, John Garguilo, Christof Gessner, Sarah Hopkins, Roy Kerns, Brad Lunde, Steve Merritt, Monroe Pattillo, John Rhoads, Jeff Rinda, Paul Schluter, Greg Scott, Elliot Sloane, Erin Sparnon, Greg Staudenmaier, Scott Zaffrin, Khalid Zubaidi, Manny Furst


Discussion Summaries do not require formal approval, while minutes of meetings where votes are taken do. Participants are encouraged to review and bring up significant issues with discussion summaries of previous meetings. Votes will be taken to approve meetings where votes took place; these may be email ballots.

Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair


  • Agenda approved


2 Discussion Summary or Approval of Minutes
- Chair
  • Discussion Summary of previous meeting was accepted



3 US Government's CONNECT Program
- Elliot Sloane

The US Federal Government’s CONNECT Program:

Elliot Sloane presented an introduction to the Federal Government’s CONNECT Program run under the Federal Health Architecture (FHA). The slides were distributed to the committee and are available at ftp://ftp.ihe.net/Patient_Care_Devices/Presentations/CONNECT%20References/
Elliot began with David Riley’s presentation. President Bush signed executive orders, including one that requires federal agencies can only buy healthcare software that is approved by the FHA. A slide shows the many agencies affected. The FHA was developed by these agencies to implement the non-funded requirement. Elliot continued to describe the program which is related to NHIN. The EMR currently in use will be replaced by a commercial system, rumored to be Epic’s.
The program provides an open source software project which includes Social Security, DOD, and other organizations, identified within the slides.
Elliot inserted the Wounded Warrior software slides at this point. The objective is to meet the multiple needs for the various types of care (private, VA, etc.) and support Social Security to reduce the time it takes to clear a disability claim (a year). The slides that were provided include the speaker’s notes.
Elliot then returned to David Riley’s slides. He described how the Exchange Template is being adopted by private and public hospitals as well as CDC to exchange documents. He described slides showing agencies, HIEs and software companies that have included CONNECT software. There are two major components: the Gateway and the Adapter (a program that interfaces the organization’s software with the Gateway). Elliot has discussed developing an Adapter for PCD’s profiles with David Riley.
The VA has a large interest in telehealth and telemedicine and suggested that PCD talk with the VA. Elliot asked for volunteers to begin discussion. Greg, John Garguilo, Paul volunteered to join Elliot in a discussion with Dr. Adam Dwarkin, chief of care coordination. Greg added that : Dr. Dwarkin will be part of a group beginning work in January that will address the medical home, consistency of device data, PCD and Continua. PCD and Continua will be high priority for them in 2011.
Elliot will recommend to Dave Riley that he and his team discuss PCD efforts in advance of HIMSS11. He believes that active involvement of a PCD team can achieve integration of the PCD profiles into the CONNECT program and this should begin with a conference call in the next two to four weeks. The VA’s kick off call will take place in the second part of January and Elliot recommends making the PCD’s interest available before that.



4 Agenda Items
- As Noted
4. PC and TC Meetings addressing Cycle 6 WorkItems:
The TC will address the last two Detailed Profile Proposals next week (Dec. 22).
The Jan. 5 meeting will be a joint PC, TC decision meeting where the TC will determine feasibility of each of the four
8. Meetings:
An ISO/IEEE out of cycle PHD meeting including TC215 will take place after the Connectathon at NIST.
An HL7 meeting in Australia will take place the second week of January and will result in cancellation of the PCD weekly Wed. meeting on the 12th.
9. Work Item Updates:
The MEM Cybersecurity WP is out for ballot. The WCM ballot has closed, but an official indication of quorum has not been made.
WCM will have been approved and be available for Trial Implementation.



Next Meeting

The next meetings are: A joint PC and TC meeting on January 5, 2011 PCD PC&TC 2011-01-05 Webex will focus on developing Cycle 6 work item selection:

The TC will notify the PC which of the four work items are feasible. This will be a consensus decision.
The PC will vote on which of the four will be developed in Cycle 6, with perhaps staging during the cycle. If a quorum is present the decision will be final; if not email balloting will follow.

TC December 22, 2010 PCD TC 2010-12-22 Webex

PC January 12, 2011 PCD PC 2011-01-12 Webex

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